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literally clueless and got angry. instructions are beyond unclear and im just upset now.

this game scared the ever loving sh!t out of me!!! 10/10 amazing story and atmosphere 

easily the most fun ive had in a horror game!keep it up homie!

i absolutely LOVED this game! made for one hell of a video and overall one hell of an experience! definitely looking forward to your future works homie!


i always get skeptical of games with lots of reading but this one was genuinely worth it!


i need the full version ASAP! this was too good of a video!

this game made for the most perfectly timed moments LMAO! phenomenal game for sure!

holy STRESS LMAO! def worth playing for yourself!

the atmosphere is insane! but uh…the story had me feeling a bit…weird 💀

i have never screamed so loud from a game! truly made for one hell of a video! 10/10

this got me GOOD! my voice hurts LMAO

this is by far one of my top favorites. CREEPY vibes constantly (may have pissed my shorts a tad) and i LOVE that u shake ur head to answer questions! always do it for the gigs but now its not counterproductive! 

(please watch my video ill give u cake)

well that was quick as hell 😭 got one hell of a video out of it tho!🙏🏻 

this one was BANGER! def would love to see more like it! also i SCREAMED at.. that one part...(watch this video to get in on the joke)

MANNNNNN i thought i was SOOO SMART... nah. dumber than a sack of bricks 

yall gotta see this for real HAHAHA

oh my LANTA this here GOT ME! was def not expecting to scream that hard HAHA

love the off-putting vibe, but me and that crow are now homies for life! that coffin got me GOOD! also the HELL KINDA CHURCH IS THIS??

that ending GOT me GOOD! wish i wouldve protected my bucket more tho :( also im almost positive ive had a nightmare about this exact situation LOL

truly an amazing game. dont fw the israli stuff in the slightest. but over all, from the river to the sea.

after all these games of running from the stabber himself. i now get to invade his home thanks to this game! (too bad he still got his stab in) 

i had too much fun in this one LOL 10/10 man! will be playing the sequel for sure!

NO CURTAIN? the water rot is REAL. also…WHAT IS THAT THING?! 

10/10 game dude! truly my worst fear manifested itself.keep em comin!

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PHENOMENAL game! truly made me on edge and worried for the safety of my butt and it being stabbed profusely. if yall wanna see some unhinged chaos before diving into the game urself, i got you (im hinting at the video below btw <3) 10/10 mr victor keep ‘em comin!


yet another banger of a game! the art style, that voice acting? 10/10. keep em coming! 

holy H3LL! the only game ive played so far to actually leave me shaking! 10/10! saw you follwed me and wanted to see what you had made. did NOT disappoint! (thank you for the follow btw!)


honestly a nice eerie game! doesnt have a cheap jumpscare every 3 minutes and genuinely gives a creepy vibe while playing. i will say the plot felt like an opening sequence to a law and order SVU episode, but one of the endings got me a bit...

DUDEEEE the story is so twisted and the atmosphere is ZOINKS to say the least

SUPER solid game! had me yelp hard af at the end LMAO

SUPER COOL! love the artwork and the eeriness! definetly an atmosphere horror game and im FOR it,

SUPER solid jumpscares man! got me pretty good not gonna lie LMAO

the only indie horror game that ive done a part 2 on just to get all of the endings!

i have never felt so uncomfy in MY LIFE

lixian, i never thought cleaning could give me a heart attack. but you sir you have done it.

holy h3ll what a game!