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You should be proud! This is an amazing game!

I love the movement mechanic, although I think it would work better as a high score based game. Love the chickens!

That makes sense, thank you. I don’t think I can fix it during the jam rating period but I’m going to update it anyway so I can fix that bug. I’ll also check your game out tonight!

I can’t figure out how to solve this because the game works fine for me! Could you reply to this with specific things you did that may trigger the bug?

I love the artsytle and concept, sad it didn't pan out as you intended. I see talent in you though, keep going!

I like the graphics and audio, and the concept is really nice, but I wish there was some focus, like you have a limited time to make money or something like that. Amazing job though!

I enjoyed this game! I liked how simple yet fun the gameplay is, and how hard it can get!

Really cute and simple game, I love the effects and audio! I wish there was more gameplay/more things to do, but it was really fun!

I just couldn’t get it to work. I placed different colour flowers next to each other and they did not make a new colour. Am I missing something or is it a bug?

Wow! A masterpiece! Quick and simple but fun, peaceful, and challenging all in one! The art and sound effects are amazing!

This game is everything I wanted. Every time I thought something was missing or bad, a moment later it would get added. Random enemy placements, different enemies, turrets, health items, you name it it has it. The artstyle is amazing, the audio is just right, and the gameplay is peaceful and fun!

I like the graphics, the concept is fun, but needs some challenge

- I think making it a .rar makes it less accessible, try just a .zip next time :)

- The gun shooting was hard to control

Overall I think this is a nice try, but it falls flat on some things. I like the concept, keep going!

I was pretty confused at first, but I understood the concept easily. It does need some challenge or penalty, like maybe you can only place so many leaves in a certain time and such

This game is a bit confusing (what is the goal?) but I think you guys did well anyways. Keep on going :)

I really enjoyed what I played, it's so sad that it broke. I hope you do better next time because I see the talent in you guys!

I liked this game, but I could barely survive long because I could never get many water cards. Definitely a great experience though, really calming!

Thank you, and I did intend for the vines to have a limited amount of charges and make them the scoring system, but it didn't work out. I wanted it to get harder as you continued as well, but I had no ideas on how to do that.

Thank you! I worked really hard on making the controls just right. I originally planned on making the vines your way of getting a new score (like whenever you place a vine your score updates) but I figured it would be too confusing. I also tried to include a charge for your vines, like you had to use them with caution, but it didn't work out.

I loved this experience, definitely unique! I think the choice of tool is slightly odd, but it makes for a fun puzzle experience!

I love the art and sound effects! I'll admit the crossbreeding mechanic was kinda hard to understand, but overall it was a fun game! I think it also could have been better with some other mechanic, like watering, or having a penalty for doing certain things too often

I really enjoyed this, the art, audio, and graphics were all amazing. I will say the difficulty of the game was a little too easy, as it didn't seem to get harder after the first day and I always kept an egg count over 50.

I really like the gameplay and concept, the art is amazing, the flow is great, and the sound effects are on point. Some of the UI was a little small and hard to see, but overall this was a fun experience!

I love the cute art and the nice audio! The collision systems were a little weird, but I enjoyed it. Could have used something else to spice up the gameplay though!

Simple and fun! I found the grass on the edges to be a little hard to get, but overall it was a great experience!

I love the 'playing with fire' mechanic that this game has, it makes it really fun!

Short but sweet. Loved the artstyle, although it was a little morbid. Buff rat was a fun addition. I think it would have benefitted from a high score based style instead of linear though!

I like the graphics, and the gameplay is really fun, but I wish there was an added challenge like you had to guess the color as well.

I love the artstyle, the audio is perfection, and the gameplay is fun and addicting, I just wish there was some sort of challenge or main obstacle other than the chickens.

I love the artstyle, and the audio is amazing (especially those sound effects xD). The gameplay was a little infuriating, could use some checkpoints, but overall it was a really fun game!

I like the isometric design, and the biome tiles are a nice touch, but I think a easier to access guide would be better than the "wiki" you have. It would also be nicer, in my opinion, to have you grow the plants instead of just planting them. Overall it was a fun experience!

Very nice art, confusing gameplay.  I liked the concept, but I think it could use some refining, like you ask a random amount of questions or can ask more than one plant questions. Also some of the things that the plants liked weren't on the question list.

This is possibly the best 2D game I have ever played. It beats out triple A games with its graphics and gameplay and fun! It mixes so many topics together and it works so well! The audio was a masterpiece, movie level music. I love the switching of shooter and management. The stock market was an amazing addition that made it different on every playthrough. Wow. Just wow.

I love the movement system, the audio is hilarious, and the gameplay is fun and addicting!

This has legitimately one of the best songs I've ever heard, really original and fun gameplay, and the best final touches! The only gripes I had were that you couldn't choose a plant with numbers and the buying system getting in the way of me moving around sometimes. Great job!

This game is amazing! I love the main mechanic, the art style is so cute, and it's incredibly fun! It was only a tad difficult, but overall was an amazing experience!

this is an absolutely amazing looking game, and the gameplay is pretty amazing too, it's just that sometimes it is physically impossible to make a jump, so you should try to fix that if you want to update this game. overall, amazing game, really well done.

this game is WAAAAY to easy, after i messed around testing mechanics i beat it first try. the sensitivity is a little jarring but i got used to it after a while. overall pretty good game, i enjoyed it!

I originally intended to have checkpoints as I noticed that before I was finished with the game, but I wasn't able to implement it in time. The limited lives feature is also unintended, due to janky jam code. Thank you for your feedback, I think a one screen puzzle/platform game would suit this better. Hmmm...

wow! the visuals look great! i wasn't able the play it because i have a mac but man does it look fun!