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very cool! lot of polish!

very cool!

Nice work folks!

Froze for me but I'm running a wack emulator so wouldn't worry yet


You lept off that platform but landed in my heart; also yeah I think that's all there is in that one; thx for trying it!

Awesome, very enjoyable, Nice job!

nailed it, ty for playing!

you rocked it

what is this? what should I do? why is this here??  :((

1. Keyboard. 2: Life is short, do whatever brings you joy my friend as long as it doesn't hurt others 3: It is a complication, it was introduced into the system to overcome a limitation; when complexity is added without purpose its a nuisance, when it's introduced to overcome a limitation, it's another iteration of a thing.  Thank you for playing!

Easily best game of our lives, TheSomeoneXD has done it again and touched us in places we weren't expecting. A brilliant game from a brilliant mind. 5 out of 5 Llamas

Pure excellence sir! Nicely done!

you did nothing wrong, the app is total shit, but I appreciate your time you magnificent human 

not the aim but the point. You did everything right, and for that I will always love you Fish of Luke.

Classic cantina jam, love me some ball; nice work!!

Pretty much best game ever! Nicely done!

Nice! Cool to see this and the updated v, fantastic work!

Gorgeous game, and a wonderful experience, awesome creation!

can confirm was delicious thanks!

Love this! plays smooth and is a cool diagnostic tool; great work!