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try to remove one piece and put it back again -- might be slightly buggy, sorry about that!

press space!

sure! just credit me @cnnmonsugar on twitter :)

reach all kinds of the "unfortunately" endings to get the one true ending!


scroll down further, theres a solution in the comments!

congrats you've broken the simulation

there isnt really a way to "win", but if you do collect all 8 mementos you'll reach the ending!

shoot me a screenshot at!

your night edit is super cute! i'm glad you liked it!!

this is SUCH an amazing concept and really freaked me out the moment it started happening-- great job!!

thank you!!  i used paint tool sai

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thank you! feel free to reach out to me at

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thank you! feel free to email me at

by the hint to count the bananas, i mean make sure to see if their numbers ever change. is it always a grouping of 4 bananas?

thanks for letting me know! they changed their soundcloud name so i updated it now to their new one.

that was a really powerful game, great job!

thank you for the let's play! yeah, the web version is probably your best bet haha. i'm super glad you enjoyed our game (and thank you for this beautiful edit at the end LOL ♡)

yes, my team and i would love to! where can we get in contact?

go to the notebook at the bottom and type in your recommendation of an activity/treatment for them to do!

Sorry to hear that! I just posted a few tips in reply to others so hopefully that makes it a bit less confusing. Let me know if I can answer any specific questions you have!

Hi! Try to connect whatever keywords they mention (typically symptoms) into the key.

Ah I'm really sorry - I forgot to write that you need the keywords to be all lowercase! Please try that out. Additionally, try to connect whatever keywords the patients say to what you search up with the key (especially regarding symptoms). Thanks!

thank you so much for the playthrough, you guys are wonderful! just fyi i've since added some changes & hint system to the project screen so hopefully it's a bit less confusing now!

i added a hint system now that will pop up after a few seconds on the project screen! i hope it makes it a little less confusing, haha

hi! here's a hint: all the if blocks are animated. they're all also based on scenes you played before that, so try to remember what happened in order from those scenes! hope that helps. ♡

hi! try reading the bolded portions after you complete the puzzle and picking out the most essential word (the one that best describes the treatment you'd like to give) and entering that word into the notepad.  i'm sorry you're having trouble though - please let me know if i can offer any more help!

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thank you so much <3 please be sure to give your hands a rest though!!

Thank you! <3

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Thank you so much for your comments! For the first, if you repeatedly pick up the others and move the ID/client info a bit further away it should hopefully be resolved. As for the second, what usually works for me is pulling all the pieces to one corner and rearranging them in the opposite corner. I'm not sure I could update the game majorly anytime soon but I really appreciate your interest and notes! I hope these help.