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And, the finale is here. Can i just say that i want more? As soon as possible. Please?

As Luna and Neil go further into the strange building, they realise they are not the only living souls in this place.

So, I've played this game waaay before I realised you were the mastermind behind  Aria's Story. I really loved that game, and when I finished this one, I only have one thing to say. Give. Me. More. I want to know what other chapters are like and to theorise about the whole thing! But, for now, I will share my expirience with this great story by posting small bits of it here. Let'splays, I mean. Hope more people will play it :D

the sneaky developer got to it first, but i'm gonna leave this here anyhow :D
this game was something different from what most games are, and in my opinion, done great :D just... imagine the stanley parable, but horror and depression was added heavily.

(p.s. if you'll need to translate it to russian, i'll be more than happy to help. Sirhaian)

As promissed, part 2 of the full playthrough with all endings.

This game is amazing.  Loved the artstyle and the music. I've divided the game into two videos, yesterday played the first half.  For now, sharing the first part. Second one being with all endings will be posted latrer today :D