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Go fuck yourself you prick


GBSL community · Posted in Usage

check out this, its better

This is officially cancelled. 


GBSL community · Posted in Usage

I am planning to update  it more, allowing key detection and moving of objects. Thank you so much for using!

I disagree.

i agree


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Im planning to fix all these things im sorry

Great game!

Thank you!

And yes i am planning to continue development on this until its finished and released. I can and will go further with this.

Honestly thank you so much. Its very rare you get people who give such good advice. I agree with all your comments and these are things i get from others aswell. The game is still in early development but of course these are things which need to be improved. Big thanks to you for reviewing and im glad you enjoyed it for the most part.

couldn’t agree more

Best game ever

Thank you so much!!!

nice game

i like this game alot!

Was patched in those 2 levels only, didnt set it as a global variable.

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Hello! The "w" key not being able to climb is a bug because it doesn't properly bind the key, this is my fault and I'm sorry, the ladders are scripted in a way that an "up" press wouldn't take you up, there's something called a "ladder press" and i didn't make it so that "W" simulates a ladder press, i made it so that it simulates an "up" press and as we know that doesn't properly climb ladders. I'm releasing 0.48 sometime today or tomorrow and i would recommend joining the discord for better interaction but anyway, thank you for playing! I'm an indie dev and coded this game entirely on my own so sorry about the bugs and glitches. 

Discord : in the discord you can directly contribute to updates and help with ideas for levels (each update adds 3 new levels)

edit: Sorry i missed out the top down zelda style movement level, that is a bug aswell similar to the ladder bug and patch will release for version 0.48 (currently 0.40) which fixes this stuff.

Coming soon.

We have started brainstorming and will begin the process of development of pixel platformer 2 soon.

Thank you!

Here is a web build

sorry we had some issues with the games update and I took it down temporarily, I would be able to get it to you by tommorow, is that ok? Sorry about this 

i might potentially think about remastering the game later on, it has been brought to my attention that people actually like this game and seeing as it was my first game, i might revive it or just maybe, pixel platformer 2....

because of joe mama

Pixel Platformer community · Created a new topic Cancelled

I have made the carfully decided decision to cancel the games development. The game was stale with no new updates and I think 0.70 exemplified that fact a lot. I will keep making platformers. I will keep making games. This is not the end. It’s been a wild and amazing 64 days in total of programming this game. Thank you so much to everyone who downloaded it. Cya in the next game 👋.

Pixel Platformer community · Created a new topic hold

pixel platformer is on hold, potentially  cancelled but i need to think.  Sorry.

Pixel Platformer community · Created a new topic 0.70

0.70 is out.

Pixel Platformer community · Created a new topic motivation

i have not much motivation with this game its not ending it will just be a while (keep in mind i am a one person team with respects to making music and coding the game and some help coming up with level ideas it is still tough, sorry.)

Pixel Platformer community · Created a new topic 0.65
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i had to fragment the release of 0.70 because of some ui changes and some cool stuff

Pixel Platformer community · Created a new topic milestone

50 downloads oh my... Also we are top 40 for games tagged with "2d" and "runner" ! 

really good game!

really good game!

Pixel Platformer community · Created a new topic 0.60

request got denied, time to grind the game, 0.60 is my second favorite update so far level 18 is my favorite level ever

no more updates to this game for a long time,  i want this to be verifyed by mods to have an official leaderboard and due to that, i have no more updates for a long long time. cya

Pixel Platformer community · Created a new topic 0.50

Early end to the break because insperation struck, enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!