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This is really cool!  I enjoyed trying out this horror game!  

This game was a bit short but I still had fun playing it!  Great job!  :) 

I really liked the birthday update for this game!  It was fun to revisit this game again and play it to! 

Game looks really good!  Can't wait to play the next chapter when it's released! 

I liked the concept for this game!  It's short but very cool! 

Game was very interesting!  It had some good scares in it to! 

Gave the game a try! :) 

The game was clever!  I liked the idea for this to!  

Game looks really good!  I enjoyed trying it out! 

I liked the monster in this game!  Game ended up being shorter than I expected when playing this to!  Great job with the game though. 

It's pretty random but funny and scary!  Great job! 

Game looks good so far!  I enjoyed trying out the demo! 

What a very cool horror game!  I liked the objective and concept for this game! 

Game was pretty creepy!

Very cool horror game!  Got jumpscared quite a few times I also thought the atmosphere and what the game was about was interesting to! :)  

Such an incredible horror game! :)

This was a really well made horror game!  I felt like I was always being watched.  Their were also a few time I got jump scared to! :) 

This game was really cool!  The spider really scared me! 

Thought the game pretty clever.  The game was a lot different from what I was expecting at first to.  Great job :)

Just tried the game out! :) 

Thought it was clever what you did with the pictures in the game.  The game had some scary moments to. :) 

You're welcome! :D

Nice horror game!  I got jumpscared quite a bit in this game.  I liked how the game had like a static/grainy effect as well. 

The detail in the game was great!  I really liked reading the notes since it had such a dark story behind them.  The theme of the game itself seemed pretty spooky and dark with a lot of great things about it to!  Well done :D 


The game was clever!  I liked the story of what this game's about to.  The game was short but definitely had some scary moments in it to :) 

Very cool horror game!  The demo for this is incredible can't wait to play thee full version for this! 

This game was really good!  I liked the exploration and puzzles I had to solve to progress in the game!  I wish the game was a bit longer but the game was still very fun to play! :D 

Cool game!  I liked the style of horror this game offered great job! :) 

Here's my let's play for the unreal PT game!  This was really cool!  Probably the closest and best PT game that's just like the ps4 demo!  Great job :D 

I like this meme alot.  When I found out a horror game version for Big Chungus was made I just had to play it!  

This was scary and hilarious!  Great job 

Just played this and Really enjoyed it!  The mannequins in this game were terrifying,  the atmosphere and sounds were really well done to!  great job! :D 

Game was scary!  The atmosphere and sounds were good!  I enjoyed trying to complete the objectives to!  

I liked the demo it has a lot of potential.  My only issue was trying to find the key to unlock the door.  Besides that the effects atmosphere and detail is great! 

Thought the game was clever!  It was cool trying to solve and explore some of the police case files in this game to! 

What a very calm game!  I liked the atmosphere design and things you could do in the game!  I also enjoyed how you had to make choices at some points in the games to!

This game was very interesting!  The style for this game was cool.  I also thought the game had some pretty funny moments at time to :) 

The demo for this game looks pretty good!  Can't wait to try the full version for this :) 

The game had some moments where it jump scared me!  The objectives were good to :)