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What an amazing horror game!  This one really scared me great job! :D 

What an awesome horror game!  I loved the style of this game and objectives great job! :) 

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This game was scary!  I enjoyed having to complete the game objectives and the pixelated style for this game insanely good!  

This game was way to scary for me!!  I seriously screamed way to much!  Thank you for that this game was amazing!!! 

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This was a very scary horror game!  The monster was very terrifying!  

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This was game was very scary!  Especially whenever I was getting chase by bunky!  Very cool horror game I enjoyed it! :D 

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Very nice horror game!  Even though it was a bit short I still enjoyed playing it! :D Great job! 

You're welcome!  I'm glad you enjoyed the video! :)

I enjoyed exploring flavortown!  This horror game was very scary and fun to play great job! :D 

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This demo was really cool!  I liked the puzzles in this horror game great job! :) 

you're welcome! :D

Finally was able to finish the game!  Both the games endings were very cool and interesting great job! :D 

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Very cool visual novel!  The game was fun and entertaining great job! :D 

This is different from alot of horror games I have played I love how closing your eyes is one of main focus of the game!  I also enjoy the puzzles and having to avoid monsters!  I really like this game great job :D 

Very cool escape room type game!  Great job! :D 

This was a very well made game great job! :) 

You're welcome! :)

This was a really cool horror game great job! 

This was very cool!  I enjoyed this spongebob horror game!  Great job! :D 

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I really enjoyed playing this horror game great job! :D 

Very well made dora horror game great job! :) 

Very great game!  It was funny and fun to play :D 

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Very cool horror game!  I thought it scary and fun great job! :D 

Very cool spongebob type game!  It was very scary! :D

Very cool game!  this was fun to play best grocery simulator game I have ever played! :D 

This was a very interesting horror game!  Great job on the atmosphere and everything! :D 

This was really cool!  Great game I enjoyed it :D 

You are welcome! :)

This game is awesome!  Thank you for making this game! 

This was a very fun game to play!  It was also very scary! 

You're welcome! :D

Very awesome game!  Great job! :D 

This was very fun to play! The demo was very fun to play!  Can't wait to play the full version of the game when it comes out!

This game was terrifying!  Thank you for making this amazing demo! Great job! :D 

This was a very cool pixelated horror game! Great job! :D 

Was very fun to play! Great job! :D 

This game was awesome!  I enjoyed the style of the game and everything :) 

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This was a really fun game!  Glad I played it :)

Just played the Mistfortune director's cut and I thought it was awesome!  Great job! :D 

Your welcome! Glad you enjoyed the video!