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I thought this was a really cool game!  Great job :) 

Very cool horror game!  

This game was really cool and fun to play!  Great job! 

Really awesome game!  I enjoyed playing this! :D

This is really cool!  It was bit difficult trying get away from everyone and get the items but overall the game was scary and fun to play! :D 

Very clever and spooky horror game! :D

It's a short horror game but it's also very well made!  The graphics atmosphere and design for this is incredible!  

Nice horror game!  Quite a few time I got jump scared playing this!

What a clever game!  I like the atmosphere, art style and colors in this game! 

It was short but fun!  Hopefully there's more added to the game soon I really like it so far! :D 

This game is very cool!  I liked the story behind it and the experience!  It haqd some pretty scary parts in here to :) 

THis game you created is amazing!  So hyped for the full version of this game! 

This was a very cool coffee game!  The characters movement was a bit hard to control but it was still really fun to play! :D 

This was very cool!  The atmosphere and detail was very good!  

It's been a while since I played this and I really enjoyed the demo so I wanted to play it again.  So here's another let's play for it! :D 

This game was really terrifying!  The graphics atmosphere and objective I though was really cool! 

Thids remastered version of the game is so cool!  I really enjoyed trying it out. :) 

I thought the game was cool!  There were some moments that caused me to get jumpscared and the atmosphere and sound effects I thought were cool to! :) 

The game so far is really good!  The atmosphere and everything seems promising!  Can't wait to see what happens for the future of this game great job! :) 

The game was very scary and fun to play!  My only issue was sometimes when i turned in the wheelchair i would get stuck in the walls.   

Enjoyed playing this!  making the simpsons into a horror games was cool!  I liked the objective and the way the game was designed to!  Great job :D 

The demo for this game short but very cool!  I enjoyed it so far and can't wait for the full version of this!  I also did a let'sp lay for this to :D 

Such a cool demo for the new baldi game!  I really enjoyed playing it! :D 

You're welcome! :D

Such a clever horror game!  The concept and style was really cool! 

This game was really fun to play!  It had some really good jumpscares and an awesome atmosphere to! :D 

This game was very terrifying! Great job :D 

This was a very cool game!  I really enjoyed playing it awesome job! :D 

The voice acting and story in this was very cool and interesting even if the game was a bit short!  Great job :D 

This was a very cool game!  I thought the story and objectives were great :D  

What an amazing platformer retro style horror game!  This is really cool and different from most horror games I have tried!  Great job :D 

So many things you can do in this game I like that!  I also thought it was clever the way you caused the enemies to scare me! 

Another great horror game!  I'm really enjoying these alot!

This was such a very cool game!  I really enjoyed playing this :D 

Such a very cool horror game!  I can;t wait for the full version to be out :D 

You're Welcome! :D

Such an interesting sonic game!  I really enjoyed trying the game out great job! :D 

You're Welcome! :D

Such a clever horror game!  Great job! :D 

You're welcome! :D