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This is awesome! I love how it utilizes the way the google dice roller functions. The theme really brings it home. I can imagine expanding this with some downtime base building stuff and maybe a campaign arc to take down "Her Illustrious Majesty" or something.

Could you stat it out for A Dungeon Game?

I'm loving reading this! I can't wait to get it to the table!

The print edition contains floor 2 room 22 which is not included on the map. As far as I can tell this is a incomplete copy of floor 2 room 17. I only have the physical copy. So, I'm not sure if this error is in the digital.

Thanks! I hope to write some random adventures in the future that are more like set pieces than dungeons. So, I want leveling to go off of progress towards making the lives of others better, rather than looting and killing. (I still enjoy those games as you can see from my other entries, but that's not what I wanted here.)

Thanks for the review! I glad you had fun!

I never realized how much I wanted to be an Amazon princes.

That goblin generator is so great! Oh and there's a game, too! lol.

I like the candle simulation and all the sweet atmospheric suggestions.

Thanks! There were some hilarious moments during the playtest with a player with a Word stat of 2.

I love the vibes from this art

awesome. Thanks for the fast reply. So at character creation you get +2/1/1 therefore you should start with 1 extra dot?

Can I use the layout for a dungeon with a new map and flavor text and enemies, but keeping all of the same "rows" of categories? Similar to how the Tomb and the Tower examples in the ashcan differ.

Can you clarify how hits work? It looks like if your highest stat is Mystical you get 2 hits, Sneaky-3, Holy-4, Bloodthirsty-5. But there are an additional 5 hit circles. What are those for? Is it that you get base + LVL hit dots? Is there an implied LVL 5 cap per Role?

This game got me started playing solo RPGs. I love it so much. The book is gorgeous. I’m so happy to just flip through it. I’ve played this a few times and every time it went in a new and weird direction. 


I loved the cricket bat guy. I wish that was the whole game!

So, the only problem that I saw with it being real-time is, "When do the Mothership 'bullets' hit the Starfighters?" But when I make it turn based the 10 sec timer becomes an issue, as well as when do you purchase upgrades? do you give up an attack or move action or even a whole turn to do it? There are all sorts of action economy problems that open up. I thought with real-time it's just silly chaos.

thanks for the link and the heads up.  I put up a sale through the end of the week. 

I submitted the wrong game. 🤦‍♂️

I did it from my phone and the first game on my page in alphabetical order was submitted.