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Hola, estoy haciendo una serie sobre cómo crear juegos, deberías echarle un vistazo :)

Thank you so much!!! :,)

Really love this boss, thank you so much for creating this. I'm creating this game called RogueKing, I just recently added your boss to my game, check it out if you are interested. I haven't added the other animations yet but I will!

Glad to hear it feels fluid, still got some stuff I want to implement, so look forward to it!!

Thank you, I will consider it, I think that would be fun :)

Looks very well polished and so pretty!

Thank you!!

Thank you!!

Still have more plans to incorporate more from your spritesheet but thanks!!

Hi!! Love this asset, used it for a game, just built a test build/level if you are interested. Thank you for your awesome spritesheet.

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Just made a quick test build with your character, love the spritesheeyt, if you’re interested here is a test build, would love to know what you think about how the character feels!

Thank you!!! Just made a test build if you are intersted:

Hello!! Your tileset is badass. I haven't uploaded it to my page yet, but heres a video from my twitter:

Hi! I haven't uploaded this to my page yet, but heres a video from my Twitter, thank you for your spritesheet, it's amazing and beautiful.

Thank you so much for your asset, I used your yellow monster in a game called Javelin Fury for a game jam called Bullet Hell Jam (2023), you can check it out here:

And I will adding you to the in-game credits in the games next update, very sorry I had trouble finding your website as I only had your yellow monster on my PC from a while ago. I was browing just now on itch io for assets and saw similar art to that yellow monster and figured you were the creator! Glad I found you again so I could credit you!!!

Hi CryptRat! Nice one reaching wave 8, that is impressive. Maybe invulnerability could be implemented as an upgrade or a buff of some sort, I will have to give it some thought! But even without one, thank you for trying out my game and giving your feedback, I really appreciate your time.

Hey JRevel! Thank you so much for playing my game I'm glad you found it fun.! For the proposal for the left and right click,  it reminded me of a control setting that is like Quick Casting vs Holding to cast, that would be a good setting to have! I like the idea of separating the left click and right click , I think it would be much less confusing. Also can you explain more about making the weapon come back immediately, would it work like this:

-[Left click]: Hold to throw Javelin, continue to hold to bring back Javelin automatically (after it landed).

- Oh wow I see, without the Javelin, the Player doesn't have a weapon to attack with and should be lighter on their feet, with this increased movement speed, it would like a trade-off from not having a weapon, interesting concept!! 

- Great insight about the enemy projectile speed, something I didn't know, and this was very helpful feedback I learned a lot, thank you for your time and your honest feedback!! 

Thanks for the music brotha!!

Thanks for letting me use your music  sir

This is an awesome character, used it for a game called Javelin Fury for Bullet Hell Jam 2023, thank you so much!!

Also check it out when you have the chance:

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If the game doesn't run after extracting and running the .exe, turn off your Windows Defender and extract it again Windows Defender might flag SDL2 .dll's and delete necessary files to run the game.

Thank you for playing our game even though it’s not your thing, and thank you for your feedback.

Thank you, awesome pack. Used some in our game for the Lv.99 game jam, check it out when you have the chance!

Thanks for your awesome assets!!! 

Used it for 2 of our main abiltiesfor the Lv.99 Game Jam, check it out when you have the chance!!

Thank you for the feedback, and thank you for playing our game!!

Fun gameplay and concept, after first I thought I had to slide between the tall hills, but it seems you can jump over them. Realized after a few tries of trying to get in between them.

Solid gameplay, and quite a challenge, love the art style!!

  • Theme: I think you did a pretty good job representing 'Take a Breathe", where the balloon takes up air in order for the Player to go higher. Adding a consequence of the balloon losing velocity when out of air is a nice touch.
  • Gameplay: Narrative is cute, and gameplay is a nice challenge, being careful not to lose your whole breathe too fast.
  • Implementation:  Enjoyable and aesthetically pleasing, there was a time when fighting the boss that throws shapes at you got laggy for me.
  • Presentation: Music and sound effects fit the game, the music is beautiful.
  • I believe it was unique, cute and fun in my experience, I have not played a game where you play as a balloon before and it loses air.

Thank you for your feedback, glad you enjoyed it!!

Beautiful game.

Gameplay is fun, challenging and made me really test my reaction time! Took me a few seconds to find where the score and heat indicators were, maybe adding some contrast to the background compared to that can give a more popped out look to those! 

Fun game, looks beautiful, gameplay is fun. Love the simple menu screen and added tutorial. I noticed when inside the tutorial screen, the "CLOSE" button can't be clicked on until about 1/2 of the buttons height or just above the text.

Awesome feedback very helpful!! And thank you for playing our game!

This looks really fun

Thanks for the awesome pack!! Used your skeleton in a game for the Lv.99 2023 Game Jam, check it out when you have the chance!

Awesome glad to hear it!!

Oh no way :(  when does it crash if I may ask? Windows might see it as a virus and delete some files 

This would be great for a boss fight, badass

Love the asset!