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Currently due to a last minute bug the tent is the end of the game but a better ending is on the way !

Thank you ! We're glad you loved our art style :D

Thank you a lot for this feedback :D As it was said a new version is coming soon !

Thanks for the feedback ! Indeed we have a few bugs but a new version of the game is coming with a complete tutorial :D

Thanks for the feedback ! A tutorial on the controls is on the way !

Thank you for your awesome feedback :D

Sure there are a lot of creative games in this jam !

Thank you ! Yeah puzzle games are a nice game genre :D

We are sorry that some bugs may have disturbed your experience. However a more complete corrected version is in development !

Yeah this simple concept allows us to create many levels ! Thank you for this feedback :D

Thanks for your feedback ! We're currently creating more level for more fun :D


Thank you a lot for your complete feedback ! We'll make a post jam version with the addition of a clear tutorial ^^ 

Thanks a lot for your feedback !! A complete tutorial is on the way :D

Thanks ! We're currently working on a better version with less bugs :D

Thank Ragator for your feedback ! We'll release updates soon :D

Thank you ! Pixel art always look good ^^

Thank you :D 

Thank you for your feedback ! Yes a tutorial will be added soon for a better experience :D 

Thank you :D

Thank you for your feedback ! Yes there was a credit scene but due to last minute bug the scene doesn't appear ! It will ne fix soon !

Your art is very special I love it. Nice game !

Thanks for your feedback ! We will add a tutorial in a future update !

Thank you for your feedback ! we'll add more level once all the bugs are fixed :D

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Thank you very much for your feedback :D

Thank you ! We're glad you loved our art style !

Thanks ! The post jam version will be amazing 

Thanks !!

Thank you we appreciate the feedback !

Thank you for your comment! We plan to add a tutorial level soon !

Awesome work !

Oh thanks dude this is so cool ! 

Thanks for your feedback ! I'll fix this as soon as possible !

Actually, only the demo work. The other levels aren't avaible yet !

I'm currently working on a patch. Stay connected !

Hello ! Well you launched the game then you get stuck on the splash screen ?