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servers are down and i dont have twitter so i cannot tweet you

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it worked. sorry for the inconvenience

ok so it kind of works now, but i only see the loading screen when i open it

OK I will be-download it and sew if it works.  Thank you 馃槉

whenever i open it, it keeps opening the thing like 1000 times per second and closing it again

how do u get more towels?

how do u get more towels?


OK I stopped the task and it is working now.  Thank you

I try to run the game, but when i host it says that a server is already listening to port 1338 even though i haven't made a server yet. please help

i tried connecting with a friend and it didn't work. we have the same port number and server number and none of our firewalls are blocking it, but it still dosen't work. please help

just for all of you that dont know, on the first map, the lights will slow you down, but if you go into all four you will win

do u need to be on the same wifi network to play together

OK thank you

also, they should add more guns

has anyone found a way to put spare bullets into empty magazines or can u not do that?  also, they should add a melee. over all though, awesome game for hardcore gamer