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Clubhouse Studio

A member registered May 17, 2020

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Just bought this and the interiors, absolutely lovely sets, I especially like the food trucks and store fronts with the little window displays, absolutely wonderful stuff.

You’re on a run! So much new stuff! Brilliant work as always

lovely work! this tiny set is so neat

Please make this set the start of a series! You have a lovely style, I’d love to see your take on other areas and biomes <3

This is sick, i love your art style <3 

Fantastic resource, even better making it free. Big shout out to you

beautiful work once again

On his Patreon, I think they're in the free posts too :) I nabbed them myself the other day!

Hey thanks :) this is cute

The style of the assets along with the overall aesthetic of the page is brilliant, really captured a vibe

ooooo I can imagine the cool little vending machine clicker I can make out of these suckers already, thanks for sharing! Fantastic work :)

I can't believe how polished this is! Thanks for sharing this, gonna follow and looking forward to seeing more packs in this series!

I'm gonna use your assets to spice up my practice projects while I learn how to code and use Godot :) Appreciate you making them free for brokeboi students like myself, I'm gonna have the spiciest projects in the class with all this fire art.

Your work is so fire

Absolutely beautiful, love the juicy colours and the art style. Deffo gonna drop a follow!

Hi :) Are these Magic Lands tilesets compatible with your RPG buildings and interiors packs? Excellent work by the way!

I REALLY welcome the addition of tilesets to go with the sprites. The art and colour style of the sprites is so vibrant and unique I could never get a tileset that looked right with them. Gonna really enjoy messing around with these, cheers Elthen :) I'm using your assets in a game for my Computer Science class.

Hi Elthen, love ALL of these sprites they're so cool! I know you have the one tileset on your Patreon, but do you plan on making any more? I can't find any assets that quite match your style correctly and would love to see your take on a classic Plains/Dungeon/Cave etc :)

Also, thanks for making a couple free to try, real help for people like myself who are just starting to learn the very basics. I've got my eye on a fair few of your other packs to buy once I figure out how to work the basics :)

Love your art style dude! I'm using a few of these while I learn the basics, once I get the hang of things I'm going to sign up to the Patreon and get all of the other goodness, thanks for making a couple free :) really cool to work with decent assets as I'm getting my head around all of this coding business