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Not all of the animations are in the exported spritesheet, looks like this is the case for the recent updates you’ve done for some of your characters.  Any chance we could get the sheets for this and other characters regenerated?  Would be a huge convenience!

this is outstanding! If you’re still planning to add to it I’d like to request hurt, use item and sprint  animations. Maybe some air versions of the attacks as well if you’re feeling ambitious 

seems like you’re planning on adding to this over time, I haven’t seen Bow animations requested so would mine to suggest those.  Selfishly that’s one barrier to swapping this in for my my main character :)

This is tremendous work!  Any chance we could get sideview ladder animations added in an update at some point? 

Thanks so much for giving the demo a shot and giving so much feedback!  That's really helpful. 

I'm curious how far you got into the demo?

Some quick responses

1) the map is very much "placeholder" it's awful and needs a complete rework :) 

2) I really like the lightning personally, I find it very impactful... but it's a pretty common thread in feedback that people find it jarring,  so I have a few ideas I'm playing around with tone it WAY down.  I hope to have a much more "friendly" implementation in the next update!

3) Thanks for pointing out the bugs!  I fixed the sign/crash bug already and will try to hunt down the level bug and jumping bug you mentioned.  Being my own QA rough :( 

4) Will be taking a look at the rest of your suggestions and feedback as well.  

Yes, it's on my radar. 

Being in active development the assets are a bit unorganized and are definitely not optimized.   I have quite a bit of sound and art that is included in the game that will wind up not being used I will need to remove in the final version and the audio will all need to be optimized and renamed. 

It's not a big priority for me to optimize the content size at the moment, but I can probably cut a good chunk off the install size without too much effort by just removing unused music and optimizing the tracks that are left as well as some of the larger sound effect files.  I'll work this into a future patch release.  

Probably won't be swapping to .ogg for sound effects, but definitely something I'd investigate for music and longer ambient soundscape tracks.  

yeah, GitHub seems like the right place

This seems *really* cool, but having a bit of trouble understanding some of the specifics.  It would be really helpful if you could include some example image files and maybe an example program that shows how to set it up

Hey, thanks for checking this out!   I *really* enjoyed your video, your enthusiasm is awesome and really sets your content apart.  I'll be keeping an eye on your channel!  I'd   love for you to play further into the demo to see what you think of some of the other areas.  

Thanks for the feedback as well, lots of good stuff there.  Full support for keyboard controls has been a common request, so I've moved that up in my list of features to add in the near future.  

I'm having a bit of trouble figuring out exactly which frames make up which animation in some of these spritesheets, especially the base one.   Any chance of getting some sort of breakdown?

Oh, so sorry it crashed on you!  I'm not sure what would have happened there and I don't seem to be able to reproduce it :( 

Thanks so much for giving it a shot!

That is extremely helpful feedback!  Thanks so much for taking the time to check the demo out and give me your impressions.

Awesome work!

If you're still open to adding animations based on feedback some suggestions that would be useful for my project, and I'm sure at least a few others:

  • Use Item
  • Ladder climb
  • Ledge grab/climb

This, along with your alchemist asset,  are far and away the best quality NPC assets I've seen on this site.  

Can I do anything to encourage you to make a few more NPCs?

There is a real lack of assets that provide enough attack options and spectacle that they can be used as legit boss encounters.  This is probably the best one I've seen. 

Can I encourage you to make more along these lines?

This is perfect, thanks so much for the quick response!

amazing work!  I do have one question  though. The bridge tiles are clearly meant to have a background railing above the blocking tiles, but I don’t understand how this would work on the slopes.  When I import this into Tiled the same tile holds both the floor of slope as well as the background railing.   

I think I’m missing something and confused about how this works. Can you help point me in the right direction?

Awesome! Once again, nice work.  I really hope you continue making characters. 

This is awesome for a first attempt.  Well done! 

As far as feedback, including a sprite of the projectile would be nice and death animations are pretty common, so maybe consider adding that. 

I'm super happy to hear you're still working on updating and adding to this character!  

Might be just me, but I'm finding this tileset hard to work with, it's quite complex!

Any tips for getting the rolling hills background tiles to fit together and looking good?

Fantastic work!  I can't wait for this to be completed!

Speaking of... would you be willing to put in a ladder climb animation (side view) and an item use/spell cast animation?  Those seem like they'd be pretty commonly used for a lot of projects. 

Specifically for my project, I'd also love to have a air-to-ground slam attack animation :) 

No problem, thanks for the quick fix!  Also, love your work, please continue making more!


The crawl animation sheet still has PREVIEW stamped all over the sprites.  

Is it possible to get an upload with that removed?

Thanks Narehop, any update on this?

The download only contains the sky background and the tilesets for floors and assets.  It's missing the parallax backgrounds, the foreground and the character asset?  Are those available?

Fantastic work!  I've really appreciated how quickly and easily I've been able to get a good looking game prototype up and running using a collection of your assets despite having no artistic skill of my own.   This character in particular is exceptionally well done and the number of animations is phenomenal.   If you're still working on him, suggest considering a crouch attack, that's really the only animation I've found that's missing. 

What is the tile size on these assets?