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Glad to see this is still getting updates! I really love this world you've made.

I love this so much, its a fun a beautiful experience! Your art is a fantastic fit!

This is absolutely beautifully put together, from the graphics to the fragmented narrative itself. It's transcendent and I cried while playing it.
Thank you for sharing your ghosts with the world.

A friend bought me this series for Christmas and I can't say how glad I am to have this be the first thing I read in 2021- the paneling is phenominal, the use of black and white vs color to represent state of mind is absolutely stunning, I was absolutely fascinated with the cast and how real they seem (I made some absolutely horrible noises regarding S&S and Malik's plots and how they unfolded), and good fucking god the plot is so tightly paced and well done. Bog seemed like the inevitable culimation of what everyone has done- all building up to this, all becoming this and it couldn't have gone any other way. I had to keep putting it down and picking it right back up because "oh god oh god are they really gonna? Oh SHIT", absolute adrenaline rush. The black and white gore vs the colorful daily life getting swapped around got me right in the heart, as soon as I saw it I shuddered. I didn't even question some of the things [Spoiler] brought up during my first reading and yet it was always there, the clues were always there. It was brilliantly done and I still think about it.

And the endpages. 

I had to sit down at the twist on the Killer/Victim endpage in Bog and it absolutely made me re-evaulate the prior issues, you really succeeded in making everyone feel "like a Whole person going through SAW shit". I cried re-reading it. I absolutely can wait for Sortie because I really love speculating about whats going to happen after Bog. I know whatever you make will crush my heart into pulp. Part of me wants to make fanart, but it almost seems..... This story is so well crafted that I would feel wrong messing with it. Bravo!

Also might just name my next cat Eggplant.

I think about this game quite often- it's absolutely beautiful with phenomenal worldbuilding and mood. Absolutely one of my favorite Bitsy games, bought a Host of Gentle Terrors immediately after playing it for the first time years ago.

this is a absolutely awesome game premise but I have a quick question: wheres how do you find teranova after the opening chat with EphemeralSmile666? I'm clicking on everything and I cant figure out how to proceed! (I made the first limejournal post, so that aint it?)

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I've enjoyed this game for a while on steam, and seeing it in this bundle reminded me how much I appreciate it and want others to see it for how wonderful it is too.
Iasmin/DELTAHEAD's wonderful art really brings the characters to life! And the writing hits even harder these days. It really goes the extra mile where each country feels like its own place.Its really interesting to me how even a fail state like "you don't have enough materials for a event you were planning on having because the dump didn't have what you need and you spent all your money on snacks" or "the same person robbed you three times on three different trips to the hardware store despite your best efforts at not engaging and arguing back" becomes richer with characterization. 
Sometimes I reread the Kickstarter pages and wonder about things that could have been, but that just makes me all the more satisfied this tale got to be told.

(PS- does Eris only unlock on a playthrough when you've reached a ending in all of the main four's routes or do you have to go through all the possiblities? I can't seem to get her to pop up.)

Absolutely delicious history!

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This is extremely cool and the exact type of metafiction I adore. I wish it was a actual game now.

Please make more "reviews" for the rest of the triology!!

thank you so much for zipping them all together! I'm looking forward to reading them- I've been captivated by the stellar writing in your Bitsy games so this will be a welcome treat!

Yes slime queen!

Absolutely amazing looking! Would you ever share the tweeks you made to the system?

This was the first game by you I ever played and I absolutely adore everything about it. Youve become one of my greater inspiration for fiction, right up there with Porpentine.

I'm blown away by the previews and I cannot wait to play it this January! Any hope for downloadable versuons of your other games?

I've been looking forward to playing this for months and I'm so excited! I'll leave a proper review after I spend some time with your characters!

Absolutely amazing and a lovely time!

This is a utterly amazing game and I love the atomosphere and the glowing letters and just ALL of it.

This comic collection is really awesome! I love the atmosphere the sketchy style lends to the comics, and getting to read your thoughts behind them is a real treat! 

Ah this is so cute! I'd love a downloadble version!

This is one of my favorite webcomics and it makes me so happy to be able to download them! Thank you so much for creating this wonder!

God this series had captivated me ever since the first entry! I can't wait to see what happens next! I replay them when I get stressed or sad and its so easy to loose myself in these worlds. Thank you so much for sharing this series!