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hi! i'm flattered that anyone would want to see more of my art haha, i'm cloverbat over on tumblr and cloverbats on deviantart (the uploads are kind of different the further back you go). i don't think i really have much 'personal'-type stuff on my art accounts though if you were curious about that haha. i'll check you out also!

hello, and first of all thank you so much for the video! i panicked a little bit when i saw you had a facecam and everything and i was like "oh my god, no, an actual lets player is going to see this unfinished uni project", haha. i really loved your commentary and edits! i have to admit, while you were reading, i really realized that the majority of it is absolutely walls of text in a difficult to read font... which is probably the worst thing for a text-based game, whoops!

thank you again for the feedback! :-D

hi! thanks so much for your comment and video, i really appreciate it!

love the pixel art and color palettes you chose!