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i have a question. so I already bought step 1 and step 2 dlc on my pc's steam, but I want to play the dlc on my android too. is it possible for me to download the dlc for Android without paying again? or since it's in different website, I have to pay again? thank you very much for your hardworks! I can't wait to buy step 3 dlc too!

thank you so much for answering! i'll purchase it as soon as i can:)

so i want to buy the dlc but i dont know how to:(  can someone please tell me? thank you!

good work again chiel! thank you for always giving updates to us. i cant wait when its finally done, im looking forward to the full release!!

aaaaaa im so happy you finally told us the release date! i've been waiting for so long and i will wait again for the full release! i will also buy the dlc to support you! keep up the good work gbpatch!!

me too :( im really looking forward to this game. but we'll just have to wait i guess :((

i just finished playing jack's and dietrich's route. im absolutely in love with dietrich. the artstyle is cute, and the plot is really amazing. im really looking forward for the  full release!

i always love visual novel games, and i must say this game is one of my favorite game! even though i only played the demo. i love the characters personality, the flawless art, the beautiful voice acting, and the plot. im really excited and totally looking forward for the full release. keep up the good work! 

not yet, the dev said in kickstarter that the release will be delayed until november 2021 or february 2022 so we'll just have to wait then:(

you know, i really really love your games. after i finished all routes on nusantara : legend of the winged ones i immediately played this demo. one of my favorite things in your games is that i get many knowledge about indonesian culture that i dont know even exist before so thank you for that. i really looking forward to this game full release, keep the good work! (´∀`)

this game is really fun! is there an approximately date for the full release? i really cant wait to play the full version TwT