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Easily one of the best games on the play date at the moment and could have totally headlined season 1’s subscription service.  

I would have liked an option to speed up the text messages a bit because some conversations drag on. 

The mini game was a game in itself and it would have been cool to see that get fleshed out a bit more with conversations.  

The gardening is simple and effective and it would have been cool to be able to buy more things for your apartment/store.  Other than that this was an exceptionally well made and executed game and I hope to see more games like this on the play date

A fun little adventure that plays perfectly on the play date.  The humor is great and the overall package was well worth the $1.  Can’t wait to see what the dev makes next.  

Great stuff. Some of the games in here look cool. 

one of the best games on play date