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Thanks for all your feedback, and very sorry to hear that you still have major problems.
I am already preparing a new version fixing the first propulse packs. But, did you know that you have checkpoints and that you can restart just a part of a level ? The key is "R" to restart. So, if you have a problem during a puzzle, you just have to restart or to die by jumping into the void. When you go to pause mode (Escape key), you can see all the controls.

(1 edit) it is! Hope you'll enjoy Cloud Era this time! There are still some bugs which we couldn't resolve for the moment (it takes lots of time), but there should be nothing to kill the game progression.

Hi, thanks for your interest about the game. We are actually working to deliver a new version with many improvements! It should arrive tomorrow, so I hope you could have a better opinion of the game at this time.

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Hey, we did a better and improved version, you can download it by clicking here

Great game! Loved the concept of the puzzles, the background, and that level of polish! :)