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love it but the android ver somethings wrong the characters doesnt show it says corrupted photos

Realy love sofar and the story your going for i like it i kinda expected there to be a Neo choice to but live it nontheless keep up the great work

love it so much realy great just curious

in the game are you always gonna be human or can you become a beastman to

Any news of when an update will becoming out but love the story so far real great

but futher on love the demo so far real great story and everything keep up the good work

is the content still not available in the demo not that i mind just curious

live this so far great work i just have 1 question can you give a date from what days updates come out or is it to early to ask

Thats fine but just curious when wil the update garenteed to be releast ?

android version maybe😅

ah gotcha thanks😁👌👉

jes ive seen that game so far its good kinda ended quick but understand kinda realy depressed about repeat cause realy love it but i kan hold on until he is ready to proceed with updates for repeat

Realy love this such a good awesome and cute and scary novel but tge ending got me like after years of not being able to cry even for my grandfathers grave this games ending made me cry like seriously how but love it so so much great game😆😉😊😅😭

Hey its me again that ilovegames i made a new acount with new email and stuff kinda wanted new stuff so yes sorry for bothering so much about nekojishi limited ed