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Yuri; Yurai; Tantei was a game thought of some time ago, when I first thought about doing game design and making games in general. The idea for the game was to have a game that dealt with serious problems, that contains a cheery (for lack of a better word) exterior, but a possible, more serious interior to the game. Yuri;Yurai;Tantei (title still pending) is a story of relationships, with a darker undertone. Romance, mystery, drama... are some of the basic concepts of this project. After all, not every story can have a happy ending.

The game will be built with the RPG Maker MV engine in mind. The game will lack any sort of RPG elements, but rather a more Phoenix Wright meets Umineko no Naku Koro ni vibe to it. It will take place in the course of a week, for which you must solve what is going on... Maybe.


You take on the role of Mai (name pending). A lover of mysteries, she dreams of being an investigator or detective when she grows up. In fact, if someone at school wants something looked into, they will usually go to her to find out. And she's good at it. However, things start to take a turn at her school, and her friend (and mutual crush), seems to be involved. Is this just another 'case' for her, or is it something far, far different...?


Mai Tesvni - Main character. Known for her love of mystery and novels, and a self proclaimed 'budding detective'.

Sarah Revelk - Mai's best friend, and crush. Some say Sarah also has a crush on Mai, but neither have had the boldness to ask the other, and have stay friends. Least for now, Sarah would say.

Claire Riapsid - A new girl at Mai's school. Almost instantly, she doesn't seem to like Sarah, and while popular at school with everyone else, she and Sarah are always at odds.

More possibly...

Current Progress:

Story/Script: 10%
Design: 10%
Coding: 10%
Music: 50%

You can contact me at CloudNineStudios.TheAlexG@gmail.com

Thank you very much for the reply.

Hello General,

I was curious as to how to properly get a hold of you to further discuss any business that might come to mind. I have an idea I have yet to devlog about, and wouldn't mind bringing an artist on board to help me. In turn, and to be discussed further, perhaps I can help in turn as a programmer/game designer. Do let me know how to best get a hold of you to talk further about this, and we can go forward with discussions, if you haven't already become occupied.

Phew! OK, cool. Glad to hear it. If anything else does come up, do let me know, and I'll work to help resolve the issue, be it from the Itch client or my side. That said, I hope you're enjoying the game, and having fun, and will continue to enjoy what's to come!

It's possible. I do not suggest using the Itch.io Client when trying to download the game. Though it's a bit more work, doing it manually by the website will usually produce better results. However, this is just my opinion. Others may find their experiences differ.

None the less, hopefully the issue will be resolved. I will do whatever is needed on my end to make sure things go as smoothly as possible. The only reason I keep some of the older copies of the game on the game page is because some might want to look at previous versions to check out differences, or to perhaps test and poke at it. However, as I mentioned, this problem came up in, and was quickly resolved. If it's popping up again, I have to beta test the game through the wazoo again. 

Huh. This was a bug found in Version, which I thought had been resolved. If I may, a few questions;

Do you have an older version of the game? Or did you update the game from an older version? I have tested the most recent versions in various ways, such as testing the updated game, and trying previous version, and have not been able to replicate the bug.

I would also try down loading Version, and transferring your save folder from what version you have, to the most recent (the whole folder. Just overwriting the one in the current version should be fine). This might resolve the issue as well.

Just a 'quick' update for those of you excitedly waiting for Version;

Things promised about Version will be coming sooner then expected. Likely on the 16th or 17th, rather then the 20th as predicted. Furthermore, instead an extended patch of the update will be available on the 20th that will further support Version This will likely be Ver., and possibly a Ver.

Everything that has been said to come, will be coming this next update. The town has been extended, and the Civilian District will be open to look around. The houses, however, will be closed for a time, but some NPCs are there, specifically the food vendors, and the Cooking NPC. Personal Home is also there, though is not yet functional, and will require further development.

Additionally, more NPCs have been added, specifically named NPCs, that will be expanded upon in future updates.

Furthermore, jobs and enemies have been adjusted and fixed to allow for more balanced gameplay, so that's also something to look forward to, and will continued to be fixed and adjusted as needed with each progressive update.

Floors 6-10 will also be available to play and test. Enemies will be harder, and there will be puzzles that will test the player to a degree. Here's hoping you will enjoy what they have to offer. Additional bits of lore and history will also be available, with more coming out with the pre-mentioned

A small note, that an error with battles being frozen when enemies tried to do certain attack has been fixed. However, to fix this error, the file size for the game has been increased. Patreon will not allow for the size of the file to be uploaded as a whole, and I do not wish to split into parts and cause inconvenience. Instead, files will be sent to a Dropbox, which the game can be downloaded from. This will make it so, that while you'll have to click the Dropbox link to get there, you will not find yourself downloading 4 to 5 files, and instead have to download only one. I apologize for any inconvenience this causes.

Lastly, the Den of Darkness will be expanded on to a second floor, for those that have access to it, to explore. You will find various items available on this floor as an added bonus, that will not be found later, when the Den of Darkness becomes publicly available, so get them while you can!

I believe that's all the news for now. That said, I hope you will all continue to enjoy the game, and it's further development, and continue to grow and help make this game a success. Cheers.

- Alex G., Cloud9 Studios

No worries! I believe I've isolated the matter, and I am working to fix it as we speak. Thank you for letting me know about this, and I should have it fixed in a short time. Thank you very much.

Huh. Interesting. Let me look into it. If you could provide any other information, that'd be great, and help me narrow down what the problem could be. Otherwise, I'll have to do some tests. To the Cloud Cave!

I see. And does the game continue to play, and it just seem to pause for a moment as an effect plays, or does the game stop working all together?

(Edited 1 time)

Huh. That's a new one. Let me look back and see what's up with that. Thank you for letting me know, and hopefully I'll have a quick solution/have it fixed.

Edit: To try and narrow down the situation; Is it every fight, or just some fights? Which ones if the latter? Is it a certain skill? If you could answer these for me, this'll help me narrow down the problem, and find a quick solution. Thank you in advance. 

Oh! Progress! 

So, I've been fiddling with some of the changes and all, and have steadily been building up on expanding systems and areas. As most of you know, much of the changes are with skills and NPC interactions, so this is what you can expect to see with this upcoming update. To list them out simply;

Changes have been made to NPCs. They now contain different interactions. They also hold more dialog and information.

Cooking NPC is up and running. You can make a few things after buying the recipes. However, I'm trying to separate the cooking NPC with the Alchemy NPC, so you might find the lists meld together. This will hopefully be resolved in later updates.

With that, you can now make food! These have specific advantages compared to potions and all, but they can only be used out of battle.

More books have been added to the shelves in the Guild. Check them out. you might read up on some interesting things. Mwahaha.

Various areas have seen slight changes. Visually speaking, anyhow. 

That's about it. Update should be out tomorrow, once I've looked over a few things first. Remember, if you have any suggestions or ideas that you might want to see in the game, by all means, do check out the suggestion box and let me know. You might just see it put in the game! Additionally, don't forget to check out the Patreon page. I'm in the works of fixing it up now, but when you do become a Patreon, you will be getting the game earlier, without the 1 dollar support. 

In either case, do look out for more coming up, and I hope you all continue to enjoy the game!

- Alex G., Cloud9 Studios

I know! I know... It's taken a while, but I was at least able to get it out this month like I said I would. About time, right? :'D

Anyways, these are the following changes made to the game, with to come in the following week.

Journal updated;

Journal has been changed a bit to allow the changes being made with NPC interaction. It's not complete yet, but the groundwork is there. You can at least see who you'll be able to friend and all.

NPC changes:

NPCs and interaction with them has been changed a bit. New options are available, and while again, not complete, the ground work for them are there, so it's something. Look forward to the expanding of them as more updates come out.

Cooking NPC and ingredients:

The cooking NPC is now there, though she's still setting up shop, so she's not exactly able to cook anything yet. *Wink wink, nudge nudge* Really though, they will have dishes ready to be served out in no time, I'm sure... She is, however, be able to sell you ingredients for once they are set up and ready to go. So that's something.

Forest Expanded:

While not completely complete (seeing a pattern yet...?), you are able to explore it a bit, and look around, while also doing some fighting if you want. Later, you might find some boss monsters in there. Eventually...

While not a HUGE update in terms of content, this does lay the groundwork for lots of stuff to be put in. Next patch should see lists of things to cook up, a few new bosses to fight, more NPC interaction, among a few other things to do.

Additionally, if you would like to help things along, the Patreon is now open and available, so there's that. Also, another reason I've been late on this update is the two other projects I've been messing with, along with a completely separate campaign you can do, that is reminiscent of D&D dungeon runs. Cool, right? :D That should be out at... well, some point.

Till then, enjoy, and have fun!

- Alex G., Could9 Studios

So, just to bring people up to date; I've obviously overshot the date I planned to finish the next update. Whoops. Life took an interesting turn, and kept me busy. So instead, let's just say the next update should be coming this time this month. Please look forward to it. 

- Alex

I see. I'll take note, as that seems to be kinda where this next update is heading as it were. You'll likely see an improvement on NPCs, the journal system, and a variety of character customization options, both via items and... situations. The unfortunate side is it might take longer then expected. The good side; You'll have more options to change yourself, and interacting with NPCs. 

So, I've been admittedly at a standstill the last few days. Not for lack of ideas, but because of a surplus of them. I could work on characters. Or I could expand on systems. Or I could implement new systems. Fact is, at this point, anything is possible at this point. So, I'm coming to you guys this time, because of one small question; What do you want to see first? Do you want more character expansion and lore? Do you want new systems? Or do you want expansions on current ones? 

I will likely be working on all of these. However, depending on everyone's feedback, I will be able to decide what to focus on for the time being. That said, thank you all for your continued support, and hope you all enjoy what's to come. Next game updated should be coming around the 20th of this month, so please look forward to that. 

- Alex, Cloud9 Studios

As much as I would love to take this option, I have already tried it. There was little to no success with its endeavor, so.... yeah. It should still be around, and I might put it up again if there is interest. However, as of the time of writing this, there has been little to none. However, I may  be opening it up again in the near future, should people want to support the game that way.

These are the patch notes for the upcoming release:

Bug Fixes:

A bug with the hospital typically got you stuck. It should now be resolved.

A bug with your hotel room has been resolved. Once you leave, you can not go back into your room.

Water Essense can now be found off slime mobs on the 2nd floor, with a high drop rate.

Various typos have been fixed.

Warrior and Succubus Knight Skills have been fixed.

Various parts of maps have been fixed.

You can now only buy one recipe book. You should not be able to use them anymore.

New Personalities:

You may notice some slight change in some of the NPCs around town. This is the first of many changes to the people around and in town, to perhaps give it more life. Additionally, in a later update, you will find that you can give various NPCs items or gifts, to boost, or even decrease, their liking of you. How this will effect things.... Well, that's up to you to find out.

These changes are small, but again, they are to make way for bigger changes coming soon to the game. Once they start rolling out, I'm sure the bug report thread will be rolling. However, I wanted to improve some of the original game's designs before moving on to the bigger stuff.

I'm gonna go over all of it. I could be wrong, and just missed the bugs. I'll double check everything to make sure. I'll keep things updated as soon as I have it figured out.Again, I could have derped and just missed them.

Thank you! Some of these are odd bugs I thought I fixed. Currently in the middle of Mothers Day and family time, but when I get back to my desk, I'll burn the midnight oil, and fix these, and release the patched version shortly.

That is indeed true. I've seen some hefty amounts put on such things, and did not want to go that route. So, I made it a very small, very reasonable amount. Something like you'd see on patreon. And even then, this was a rather difficult decision to make. I am also gonna try and make a fair balance out of it, so you may find some updates won't even cost anything, such as patches of sorts.

As I mentioned, Me and Tentacle God are taking very careful steps through this process, and will be as open as possible, additionally. We just hope everyone will enjoy what we have to offer when each bit of the game is out.

As some of you may soon notice, the next update might have a 1$ charge to it. This is temporary, for a week. It is to help support the game's development.

That said, many have probably wondered what the hell have I been doing for the past months?! Well.... working. Paying work. I hate to say it, but the world can't allow one to just do something for free. At this point, the game developing is a hobby, but I would love to make it a full time thing. However, I also need to eat. And I love my coffee. So, to help support the game design, I have implemented an idea. For the first week an update is out, there will be a minimum cost of 1 dollar. That's it. Just one. And it will only be for the week. So for those of you that want access to the new version of the game ASAP, you have this small gate to go through. However, all previous updates, or after the week is up, you will have free access to the game.

I know this is gonna upset a lot of people. I'm ready for that. However, at the same time, please understand that this small amount helps support the process, as working for free is a difficult thing to do in the big, wide world. We will be doing this for a short time, to see how everyone reacts. If we get piled on with that hate, we will likely be withdrawing this decision. However, if you all are OK with it, and love supporting this game to make it something great, we will keep this plan in action. Thank you.

Patch Notes (5/13/17) - AKA, The Update That Took Forever

I know, finally. After such a long haitus, I am finally back, and updating the game... along with other things. That said...

- Alchemist is in! You can now make items, instead of buying them, if you like! This will be expanded upon in upcoming patches.

- Item Changes. Items have had a change in price to help support some of the new additions to the game. They don't sell for quite as much, at least the 'junk items'. However, with the addition of the "Alchemist", they now have a new purpose.

- Map Fixes. Certain parts of maps have been fixed and adjusted, as they were causing some odd problems before. They should be fixed now.

- Enemy Adjustments. Some enemies have seen changes to their skills or stats due to previous feedback.

- The Hospital. The hospital now heals you to 100% after you have fallen in battle. I know, about time.

For now, these are the changes seen, I know it doesn't seem like much, but some of the systems in place, you might be seeing some BIG changes soon. There might be one or two secrets hidden inside the game as well... Or I could be messing with your head. Who knows.

However, with the addition of some of the systems in place, you will be seeing even more coming soon! Like.... Wait for it... Cooking! With it, you might see fishing, hunting, and other related quests to this. And who knows, you might even be able to charm some of the other NPCs with your cooked delights. Shhhh! That's coming eventually, I promise....

Additionally, there are 2 other projects being worked on as we speak. You should see their "codenames" in the games list. Those should be out with some alphas in due time, so look forward to that. Those will see no sort of charges, and those 'alphas' will be free to play in every way. However, this game will continue to have supporter advantages.

Thank you for that. It's unfortunate the game and myself have been on haitus for some time, due to personal reasons. However, you should be seeing some updates in the near future.

Thanks for these, Mokais!

Simply put, I will not go into saying too much about some of the plans I have for the game. I would like to keep them a bit of a surprise. However, I will say I've been doing some experimentation (like character status and conditions) and seeing what can be done technically. That said, I will say that much of what of you suggested are great ideas that can be done, and then some. I should be putting out an update in the near future, so please look forward to any news/updates coming up. I think you might enjoy what I got in store/planned.

Thanks for these! I've put them in my notes, and I'll be fixing them with the other things that need fixing. I'm a little under the weather and all, and my other business is keeping me busy as well, but I should have an update with all, if not most, of the fixes present by around the end of the week.So please look forward to that. After I've hammered out all these bugs, I'll proceed on working on more content, as I know there isn't much at the moment.

Again, thank you for this, and your efforts to help make this game better.

Many thanks,

- Alex G., Cloud9 Studios.

Thank you once again, Mokais, and glad to see you like the changes thus far! My calculator was burnt out with how much math I had to do to balance some of these things. My poor calculator...

In either case, I'll be looking over a lot of these things. I'm currently working on balancing the JP and EXP imbalances as we speak, so that has been noted. So that should change with the next patch. Additionally, I'll go through the dungeons and see what else I can find, but will certainly look at these issues mentioned. The forest as well. Don't know why it's doing that, but shouldn't be too hard to fix...

As for the Trainer, Jobs, and Items, the Succubus Knight is the newest job, and easily needs the most work thus far, so I'll take these notes, and fix them next update. Hopefully. Some of these bugs can be hard to squash sometimes. Gonna have to get my Raid.

Now, one of the bigger issues; Character cosmetics. At the moment, as you know, I'm working with an artist to get some art into the game. However, trying to have so many variations of character designs puts a huge strain on them just with what we have at the moment. We're looking into adding more at this time, but any implementation of them would take place at a later date. Additionally, there are plans to have items and other scenes that would change your character as well. So while we do have plans to extend your character's looks, at the moment, the current work load keeps us busy.

Still looking into the Out of Memory error. That one is throwing me for a loop, but hopefully I can squash that bug in due time as well.

Thank you again for going through this mess, and finding all the details that I miss. I appreciate it, and certainly hope all the madness is worth it. We're building a game we hope you and others will enjoy (on a few different levels, ifyaknowwhatimean...), so thank you very much for letting us know of any issues that let us improve the game further.

Now, time to go get those bugs. Come on, Tentacle God...

Me and the Tentacle God thank you,

Alex G., Cloud9 Studios

At the moment, I have only the first bit open as a bit of a "beta test", to see how others would engage and find the forest. In later patches and updates, the forest will end up just as vast and challenging as the tower with different rewards. As for the Lamia, I didn't want it to be an HP sponge, but I will likely be giving it a buff in regards to def and skills to make the fight a bit more challenging if it is currently too easy. And I will not go into too much detail on it, as I'd like it to be somewhat of a surprise, but you will be seeing the event bosses again. So if you missed them or want to view them again, you'll get your chance in a future patch. We'll see how what I have planned works, and adjust accordingly.

Currently you can presume that 90% of the things in game are placeholders. From story to sprites. I'm currently working with another writer/artist to help flesh out dialog, but he also wants to help with sprites, and art, so you should be seeing that stuff added in in the near future. So, there's another thing to look forward to. We both have our work cut out for us. May the Tentacle God have mercy on our souls... That should so be a thing.

Anyways, thank you again, and if you have any other suggestions, or anything else you find, do let us know. I'll be hitting the keyboard once I get home, so you can probably expect an update on the game in the next week or so.

The TentacleGod thanks you too,

- Alex G., Cloud9 Studios

Thank you so much for this! I appreciate all the effort and this helps with the development of this project. Once I get back in, I'll be going through all the issues encountered, fixing them, and adding in a couple things area wise. As of right now, Floors 1-5 of the tower, the town, and first area of the forest should be open. We have means for an arena, housing, castle, and forest/cave area to be added next. Floors 6-10 of the tower should come after. Thank you once again, and I hope you enjoy all the future stuff we have coming up.

Thank you again,

- Alex G., Cloud9 Studios

I can proudly say that the game is still being worked on, though the holidays have slowed down development at this moment. I'm currently in another state. However, I'll be hitting the nose to the grindstone once it's finished. We have art, events, and a new area in the works. So that's something to look forward to.

That said, that would be a huge bug. Not sure how that happened, but I should be able to fix it quickly enough once I get back home. So once I get home in the next few days, I'll be posting an update and some new things to the game once I get settled in. Thanks for letting us know. Appreciate it, and if you find anything else, let us know, and we'll get it fixed. Thanks again, and I do hope you're enjoying the rest of the game currently.

- Alex G.,Cloud9 Studios

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That's... A new one. I'll look into it and see why it does that. It should confuse them both, or one of them. It shouldn't be cancelling them out, though. I'll have to see what's up with that.

And thank you! I still have a lot of work to do writing wise, so every bit helps. Also, typing scenarios late at night on little sleep doesn't help. My mistake. Anyways, I'll be sure to go back and fix them, and they should be adjusted next patch.

Additionally, despite the problems, I do hope you're enjoying the game. If you have any comments or suggestions, dolet them be known, as I want to make sure everyone is having a fun and enjoyable experience. Thanks again for letting know about these errors, and I'll get them fixed asap.

Edit: I see now; The reason a second leg sweep will cancel out the first is due to the damage inflicted by leg sweep. Damage is one way to negate confusion, so when you hit the enemy, you're essentially curing confusion in the process. I'll have this changed by next update.

I've looked at the math, and will be changing the success percentages quite a bit. They seem to be a little too high, which is why they might be "paralyze blocking" you. So that'll come as a change, along with other moves and skills getting similar changes to them. As for the saves, MV and Ace are relatively different in a few regards. Just to make sure, are you also transferring the global.rpgsave file? If you don't transfer it as well, then the game won't read the saves as acceptable, or as having files present. I will see if I can work on the save issue. As the game is still a bit in development, a lot of scripts, data, and other parts are constantly being changed for current and future work, so there could be times that older saves will not like the newer versions of the game. Again, I'll look into seeing what can be done, but in that regard, I'm afraid I can't make too many promises.

(Edited 1 time)

Any enemies that are blue fireballs are "event enemies", which already do, or will have, events to them once I get to them. Floors one and two aren't supposed to be too difficult, but Floor three and up is when things start to ramp up. That said, you shouldn't be stuck, and I'll look into the success percentages for the spiders paralysis. It shouldn't be too high, but if it's a problem, I'll also be tuning that down some. Floors 3-5 are still in beta stages, so thank you again for letting me know of these issues. I will hopefully have them fixed by next patch.

(Edited 1 time)

First and foremost, thank you for bringing these issues to attention. It's very much appreciated. After looking over some things quickly, I've found the problems to the issues mentioned, and they will be taken care of. I will also be making some job and skill changes to help bring in some balance, along with the other jobs coming soon. Refresh is drastically more OP then I gave credit for (it wasn't meant to restore AP, for example. *headdesk*), so that's definitely seeing a change, though it might stay relatively stronger, as Adventurer doesn't get quite as many skills as the other jobs do.

As for compatible saves, they should be. The only problem would being unable to accept the new hairstyles and stats at the beginning, and there is a problem with a new scene in the inn if you didn't do it in earlier updates, and walk in through the front door, that is being addressed. However, I will be implementing items to change hair, eye color, etc, in future updates, and the scene with the inn should be taken care of next patch. As for everything else, however, it should be working if you transfer over your saves. The new events can be encountered if you lose to specific opponents, so if that's happened, and you're not getting anything, let me know, and I'll look into it.

You'll be happy to know that Red hair can now be selected for guys now as well. Enjoy.

I wasn't sure how popular the red hair option would be for guys. However, if there is a demand for it, I will go ahead and add it to the game next patch. Thanks for saying something. :)

Tower of Eros community · Created a new topic Bug Report

Run into a problem or bug?

Let me know!

Want to see something inside the game? Have an idea that might seem cool for it?

Post it here, and perhaps you'll see it it added to the game.

(Edited 12 times)

Patch Notes (12/28/16)

Job Changes

- Paladin skills have been fixed and adjusted. Skills now heal status effects properly, yet also have a chance of failure. Buff skills now only last 2 turns instead of 5.

- Warrior and Succubus Knight as seen a slight change in stats.

- All jobs now gain stats with each level. Trainer will now boost stats instead of being the one that gives them only.

- Temptation has currently been removed from Succubus Knight.

Item Balance

- Currenly you can heal your Lust and Tired at the inn to max. Items like Energizing Herb and Calming Ginger also help, and are meant for future updates where a person would stay out in the Forest or Tower for longer periods of time. For the time, they will remain the same, however, they may be likely to change in later patches.

- Armor and Items have seen status and prices changes.

- Whips have been adjusted and fixed.

Trainer Changes

- Trainer has seen some major adjustments; You can now buy one of each stat for STR, DEX, etc. HP can be bought by 100, and AP can gain 20 for each increase.

Skill Changes

- Skills have been adjusted and changed, allowing fixes to damage and effects for attacks.

Adjustments to the Horny Status

- You will no longer receive any notifications when lust status is too high. Otherwise, any notification of high levels of Lust can be viewed in your Journal.

- Lust generation has been adjusted in areas.

Misc. Changes

- More Enemies now drop gold, in addition to other enemies dropping more gold then they used to.

Current Known Issues

- Some people have encountered an out of memory error. We are looking into the matter to find a solution as quickly as possible.

Update (12/9/16)

So, many might be wondering what the heck happened to this game! Don't worry, it's all good. It's still being adjusted and fixed, and even art is being made for it! Look forward to that coming up, and hopefully before the Christmas hits, we can have a new update.

Till then, enjoy folks!

Patch Notes (11/1/16)

I apologize for the late update, guys. The Holidays are fast approaching, and I hit a bit of a writers block, so that hasn't helped. None the less, I've been able to get a little bit of work done, so I do hope you enjoy. Additionally, I will be putting up beta builds on the Patreon, so if you haven't checked that out, now would be a good time, as I will be releasing those soon. Thanks again for everyone's support. Much love. Now, for the notes;

Alchemist in Guild

- Placeholder for the Alchemist has been added inside the Guild. You'll be able to mix new potions and items in later updates when you meet him with the right items!

New Monster added in the Forest

- A new special monster has been added to the Forest. See if you can find him, and defeat him! In later updates, you can not, and see what happens, too.

Floor 5 Complete

- Floor 5 now has all events added to it, along with some small adjustments, making it relatively complete.

Patch Notes (10/20/16)

Succubus Knight Added (beta)

- Succubus Knight (Beta version), has been added to Character Customizaion and can be played. (Do let me know if you run into any problems)

Forest Added (beta)

- The first part of the Forest has been added, and is now in beta. Just a start, but it will be expanded on in future updates. New items can be found there, that will be used for future systems.

Merchants Adjusted

- Merchants have been changed for ease.

Two New Scenes have been added/Floor 4 Complete

- Two scenes have been added to Floor 4 (I know, finally), making the Floor relatively complete.

I will be posting all updates and notices for future content here, so you all can know what's up.

Patch 10/13/16 - Update

There was a few problems with Warrior that needed addressing. The updated patch should carry the fixes to these problems.

Patch Notes (10/13/16)

Mental Status

- Mental Status has been expanded upon, and is now affected through various situations.

New Job

- Warrior has now been added as a new job for those to choose.

Skill Changes

- Various skills have been changed, along with all skills have been given a description.

Floor changes

- Floors 3 and 4 have seen various changes.

New Items and Weapons have been introduced.

- Axes

- Calming Ginger - Help relieve horniness and helps mental status.

- Energizing Herb - Helps your tiredness.

Merchant changes

- Axes can now be bought for Warrior.

- Various healing items have been added to the Potion Keeper.

- Small Dialog changes.

Patch Notes (10/5/16)


- A journal has been added to keep track of quests, future side quests, and certain stats and information. This will be expanded upon and adjusted in later updates.

Tower Changes

- Floor 1 through 4 have seen slight changes.

Enemy Skills

- Enemy skills have seen a significant change, and should now be far more balanced.

Class Skills

- Some classes have had skill changes to make them more balanced compared to other jobs.

Scene Changes/Fixes

- When entering the Inn for the first time in later updates, some people would have an event play out that should have. This has been fixed, so the scene plays out correctly.

Exhaustion/Tired Mechanic has been expanded on

- You will now start to generate exhaustion, along with horniness. In addition, horniness generation in specific areas have been adjusted.

Patch Notes (10/2/16)

Character Creation Changes

- Red Hair has been added for Males.

- Fixed some of the dialog to match choices.

Job Adjustments

- Rogue and Paladin have been given some adjustments in stats.

Guild Changes

- Lore has been added to the Guild Bookshelf. The 'books', "History of the Demon War Vol. 1", "History of the Tower Vol. 1", and "Heroes of the Tower Vol. 1" have been added. Additional adds to job hints have been added as well.

Tower Changes

- A few adjustments have been made to Floor 1. Floor 2 has now been adjusted and events have been added making the floor more complete. Floor 3 has seen slight adjustments, along with Floor 4.


- We can't all escape something completely unaffected. If you lose to some certain enemies, they now could have interesting effects on your character...


- Three (3) New lewd scenes have been added.

Patch Notes (10/1/16)

Map Adjustments

- When going between some places, the game made a sound not really right for the area. This has been changed. Additionally some areas have undergone small cosmetic changes.


- The Quests "Mushroom Hunt" and "Lake Water Sample" has been added to the Quest Book.

- The Quest "Mushroom Hunt" is repeatable every few 'days'.

Character Creation Changes

- You can now go back and change your look if you don't like what you choose, as well as determine what job you want if you're not sure about your previous choice. You are no longer stuck with a choice after you make it. You will also see a sample of how you will look to determine if it's the one for you.

- Additionally, new questions have been put into character creation, to help support new systems in place. Speaking of which...

New Systems and Stats Have Been Added

- Much like Horniness, also added to the game has been Mental Status, Charm, Purity, Desire, and Energy! These all will have varied effects and will be expanded upon in later updates. How they will change your adventure will be for you to explore...

Patch Notes (9/29/16)

Lust Generation Adjustments

- An increase in generation in each area has been made.

Change in Horniness

- Horny now has a stat decrease effect.

Job/Skill Adjustments

- Adventurer should be able to use Detox and Leg Sweep without problem.

Map/Area Adjustments

- Changes have been made to the Bookshelves in the Guild. You can now find future job information and bits of Lore.

Character Creation Changes

- Added Brown Hair for Male/Female

- Added Orange/Red Hair for Female

- Added Brown/Green Eye color to Male/Female

Now a total of 168 different character creation variations.

Mac Version Added