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I have to jump on the bandwagon. Looking at the nice visuals and all the things advertised, I really had low expectations. There's no way this game can be fun with so many characters and so many scenes, they put so much effort into  the sexual stuff that the story and writing is probably weak, or jts probably grindy or too easy. 

Well I was wrong, I applaud you, I'm a patreon subscriber now. This game is hilarious. It may be KIND of slow progression but it actually isn't a bad thing, it makes sense with the plot. if I had any complaints it would be that every chick has giant titties which makes them a little less special (oh boo hoo lol) and that its a bit slow skipping the cutscenes. But for real those things are so minor that I don't expect them to change and I won't complain if they don't. Hats off to you. What a work of art this game is, even irrelevant to the actual art. 

So I thoroughly enjoy this game. Well done, team. I have to ask how lewd you guys are planning to take it. Is it going to end up with sex scenes after lapdances? Because that would be awesome. Anyway yeah good job!

Okay I fixed it. Game is super cute, music is great. I'm pretty bummed the game is so short though. Your games are so polished but so incredibly small lol.