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As someone who has passed through Independence, MO many times in my life, I have to say that you've captured the experience to a T.

I would play a fully-produced version of this in a heartbeat. What a fantastic (and fantastically challenging!) game.

dug it! Was surprisingly more complex of a two-player competitive experience than I expected. Would have loved a bit more weirdness and quirkiness to get at that "mystic" aspect.

Was digging how you translated the bits of that particular Simpsons episode to a platformer format, but would have loved if you did something a bit more interesting with the ending than the overt Simpsons reference and the film festival plug.

Still, really dug the bits like the sun and the transition from mountains to hat.

Game crashed every time I attempted to play it.

crashes when you hold the mouse down?

Felt like a visual poem -- a love letter to friendship and laconic, small-town life. Easily my favorite I've played so far.