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Game looks very interesting and I'd love to play it, but it seems like you forgot to include the data folder or something. When I try to launch I get an error saying 

Data folder missing                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 there should be a "dontgiveup_data" folder next to the executeable

EDIT: I managed to fix this by renaming the "Win32Bit_Data" folder (maybe not the exact name, I forget) to "dontgiveup_Data". Easy fix, but still a little annoying

Really, really good. I love the way you have to use security cameras to awkwardly pilot the drone around


NOOOO! What heppened to the adorable floppy, blocky characters?

Regardless, all the new stuff is cool, asides form the replacement of the blocky dudes with sort of generic modern-warfare-looking-dudes.