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Whenever I try and open the download to play it says that it cannot be opened (this is for Mac btw) 

I'd be down to help you out if you want

oml please come back this game is so good so far and I really want to see it to its finish

Shoichi be number 1 in my eyes always and forever🤷🏻‍♂️

But keep in mind he posted that twitter post in February and said not for a few months since it’s May now it’s either this update or an upcoming one.

I remember Zed talking about starting a family, I'd legit pay to see that happen in the vn, would you consider doing something with that?

oof I don't know if I just missed this or something but is this visual novel nsfw?

lol fr I'm trying to cop those codes too XD

When will the next update be coming out because this is really damn good!!

Lol I know it means main character I was asking what animal he was though.

what exactly is MC? Because on chesters route in the shower scene he has black fur so I just assumed he was a panther or something but I wasn't sure.

hey dyne so i had a $3 a month thing throughout October but I had to get the credit card i was using for the membership canceled due to fraud on November 1st im planning on resuming the membership on december 1st but i was wondering if i would still get IDEKA because I paid during the month of October.

yeah that's what I enjoy about this game, there are a bunch of different outcomes for the decisions you make.

no, I have the 1.45 version right now and the free version gets updated on the 15th or 16th of each month, and lol  XD

If you pay you get the link for the game that's two updates ahead of the public version, I have the paid version and it's definitely worth it.

Same, I want more Spence too

hey Dyne will you be posting an update on the 1st of November?

Alright I found it, thanks Dyne 

Hey Dyne, I bought the $3 a month patron membership and didn't receive a download link for it, I emailed the itch support about it but they aren't sending the download link saying that I did not purchase anything, but the transaction went through.

oh my bad lol

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lol honestly I thought the shower scene was the best scene in the game so far because Chester is the only character to have done something to you (the blowjob) 

hey I have a question, so if I bought the $3 a month patron thing, and it begins October 1st, would I be able to download the updated patron version even if you aren't updating it for that month or would I have to wait until you updated it?

Aye, I finally registered as a patron, thanks for making such a great game Dyne, hopefully it continues for a long time!!