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cool game

love it

awesome :DDDD

I love how the controls randomly get inverted, It really adds so much more difficulty to the game and also is surprisingly well thought out. considering you play as a drunk guy , it only makes sense that you can't even walk properly

Great game


great game and I really love how there's secret levels, it's a cool feature 

lower death scream volume please


This game is really fun but there a few things that could make it better-

I would suggest you add checkpoints though, it's really difficult and I don't want to do the whole thing from the start again.

Also, if it's possible I would love if you could turn the camera around, that would be a really useful feature.

Last and definitely least, fullscreen mode would be nice.

Overall, 8/10. 

great game, fullscreen mode would be nice though

I would love if there was some sort of level builder mode where you could build your own level, that would be insane. It's a little short but the few levels you do get are really fun to play through. 

i got 9 views and im sure 8 of them were just me rewatching it, but if it did help then your welcone :)

i loved superhot and i love this game too

this game is impossible, but still very good

the graphics are gorgeus. I've played this game for about 2 hours and still can't master the time reverse function, besides that the music is really good. Overall, the game is very good, and gets a 7/10 

I would love if the levels had some props, even just a random table would make the levels feel less dead and the shooting feels a little off, I don't know how exactly to describe it but it feels weird that the bullets travel so slow. This is just me nitpicking though, it is still a great game and I would definetely recommend you play it 

I'm just saying, make this a mobile game and put some ads on it (maybe every time you die) and you'll make at least a thousand dollars, trust me.

very fun, i could see myself spending a lot of time messing around with the settings and i love the tic tac shaped character you play as, its very cute.

the installer is in german (i think) but you should still understand what to do, would definetely recommend you play this

its kinda hard at first but you get used to it, and when you do get used to it, its very fun