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Wow, all 2D and CSS? You could have fooled me.

Wow, this is stylish!

I like to press the "solve this level automatically" button and watch the little blob zip around.

This is nice! Making the UI all hexs, like the map, really ties it all together.

Aha! I'm actually rolling a 3D die and the little ghost dice around it show what face will be on top if I move in that direction. I need to land on each numbered space with that number showing on the die.

Putting 2D levels on the surface of a 3D die is a great idea! I also appreciate the rhyming introduction.

I love the dithered pixel art. When I select a tool and worker, I'm not sure what the icons at the bottom of the card represent, so I just look for the card with bigger numbers on average.

I like this unusual style of battle!  The fox attack is hilarious. Only 2 dialog choices means I can't always go with my best stat and the dice may change what my best stat is. I have to stay on my toes and adjust, just like a conversation.

I like creating my own pieces. If there's a gap in my field, I can make something that fills it exactly.

I discovered that ASD keys move the falling pieces, but I could not find a key that rotates the falling blocks.

Only two days?! That's amazing.

Making a game in only one week is an accomplishment.  There's a lot of information organized and displayed neatly and clearly. That's also really hard to do!

Congratulations on making a whole game in only a week. This feels good to play, like a mechanical keyboard where I feel every input.

Sounds like development of this game was rough, but you did it! Now you have better practices, more knowledge of data structures, etc.

I am so bad at this game, but it has so much style! Amazing that you made this in only a week.

Congratulations on making a whole game in only seven days. It's quite pretty! I like the tangled flow of red blood cells, and being able to open up new paths for myself and the red blood cells with the "S" weapon. 

I turned the difficulty slider all the way up and still only saw a few viruses.

You made a whole game in a week! That's amazing!

This was tough in the beginning, but once I learned how to use my gear (and that I can eat a fish for more energy in a pinch) I started snowballing.

Congratulations on making a whole game in only a week!

The tiles are pretty and the music is nice for chilling and thinking about my next move. It took me a while to figure out that the left-most die determined the distance I'd move, and that I could collect things by sliding through them, not just landing on them.

Making any game in a week is impressive, but this is even better.

I was sold on this game the first time I slipped on some mud. Juking a Dragonling by going around a lava pool then realizing my folly was another highlight. No wonder my Rogue has anxiety!

Congrats on making a whole game in a week. I'm not good at deck-builders, so I didn't get far, but I like the trade-off of taking a card from an enemy vs. taking fuel which I can spend to get a card at the next station. But my cash is also my life, another interesting trade-off.

This is fun! I played twice and had 2 different builds that encouraged different playstyles.

1. Defense & Detect spell to avoid fights & outlast fights when I do fight.

2. Attack & Heal spell for quick fights so net health per fight is positive.

Thanks! It's important to me that "dungeons" feel like places that were inhabited. I'm here to fight and explore, but that's not what the place was built for.

To run this in Ubuntu 20.04, cd to the directory where you downloaded the JAR file, then run:

java -jar SliceAndDiceFull-1-0-3.jar

Slice & Dice requires the JRE (Java Run-Time Environment, which you can install with this command:

sudo apt install default-jre

SIice & Dice also requires version 8 of the JDK, which you can get with this command:

sudo apt install openjdk-8-jdk

If you have another version of the JDK already installed, Slice & Dice still won't run.  Use this command to choose JDK version 8 instead of the other verison.

sudo update-alternatives --config java

I haven't tested any other Linux versions.

Delightful! I'd be satisfied with any cat photos, but these are nice, varied cat photos.

I really like the semi-abstract drawings. 

Wow, thanks!

I could see using images like these as wallpaper, They have that balance of interesting, but not attention-grabbing. I'dl ike to know about he algorithm that generates them.

I enjoyed watching the landscapes grow.

Good explanation of the algorithm. The "extra info" setting really helped me understand how the caves were generated. Seeing the SVG code is also nice.

The round shapes of the islands are quite pleasing. At night I saw the tiny glow of an orb i nthe distance, and had to feel my way towards it in darkness. Great experience.

I'm interested in the territory markings. Am I right to assume that the black dots are cities that project influence outward until they hit the influence of another city?

This was really fun! Each bird's gimmick is easy to understand, and they are combined in interesting ways. More than the sum of its parts.

You've got some depth even with very simple elements. Slimes force me to move quickly before I'm overrun. Spikes are sometimes safe for me and sometimes dangerous to my enemies, but they are still very dangerous to me!

I had trouble keeping track of the network topology, so I resorted to a depth-first search strategy. The message queue on the right is helpful!

This was fun! I'm impressed by how much there is to see and do.  Lots of enemies and items. Town upgrades. Different biomes for the different kingdoms. At least two levels of dungeons with different generation algorithms.

This has a real mood. The darkness. The rhythmic click of the machine. The brief cryptic glimpses of information from outside.

These are so pretty!  Looks like the tiles are designed so there are no dead ends.  There's a board game called "Tsuro" played with similar tiles.

That fluid simulation is so satisfying to watch! I'm just pushing mountains around to watch water flow down the slopes.

I like the grass.

I spent a while trying to kill the play button before realizing that I should click on it.