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I enjoyed slowly, meditatively moving through this universe.  Thanks.

Wow, this is beautiful! Seeing the landscape change is a delight.  I like how you represent trees.

Watching the town grow is fun.  Are houses required to be adjacent to the farms that feed them?

I made a generator that's pretty similar: satisfying supply & demand, packing rectangular objects on a 2D grid, and even the orbiting camera. I'm inspired to make some improvements after seeing your generator.

I'm very impressed! When I spawned on a wooden platform, my first thought was, "What if I jump off?" You planned for that.  With only two "tilesets", you made at least four layers of environment. That's elegant! 

I like how completing one plant throws sprouts out nearby, letting me expand the ground cover in whatever pattern I desire.  Woodladder is a great navigation tool & 'get out of pit free' card. I used templetorch to mark my woodladders, since from far away, it's hard to tell them from the unclimbable support columns of the wooden platforms.

I knew I wanted to photograph landmarks on a landscape & building a heightmap for terrain was tricky, but Black Rock City is flat and has a lot of landmarks, so it seemed like a good fit.

The difference is night and day. :-)

Thanks! I may be misunderstanding what you mean by a" bigger level design", but the player is 2 storeys tall and runs at 45MPH.  Shrinking the player to human size would make the city feel much bigger.

I read the description and thought, "So it's just a slideshow of photographs?"  I am delighted to be so wrong!  This is a joy to interact with.

Do they have a schooling instinct? I'd expect fish swimming randomly to spread apart, but these fish stick together.

It's really dark and I start facing away from enemies who start shooting at me immediately.  A disorienting start.

Fun! I enjoyed my first playthrough enough that I played several more times in a row.  Once I knew what the first few upgrades were, I started changing my play-style specifically to get them faster, e.g. rounding up enemies to kill them all at once.  I'm not sure if it's better to know the challenges ahead of time or discover them as I go.

When I go to a gallery, I don't expect to be the one being stared at. These multi-eyed critters need to respect my personal space!

Those mannequins are creepy! I saw I could act on them, but i didn't realize they could act on me until the crowd on level two.  After that, I prioritized removing threats to my safety over engaging with your unique mechanic.  In other words, I chose to play in a more boring, conventional way.


I was following this on Twitter, but I didn't know the styles were, dare I say? window dressing and they all shared the same structure.  That's really cool.

Is there a button to generate a new house?  I've been refreshing the page.

My entry (Photo Copy) is about walking around and photographing art.