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Great entry with enjoyable gameplay! Although it's not quiet in the theme, the game it still fun to play!. Nice job on polishing the game! :)

Awesome entry with great graphics and audio! The gameplay is rich and upgrades are cool! I would suggest to use keyboard to upgrade/fix the ship because the game is getting messy when the ship is getting faster. It is hard for me to concentrate on controlling the and also upgrade/fix the ship at the same time. :)

Awesome entry with stylish graphics and innovative gameplay! I enjoy the gameplay that I can decide to place my lung or stomach on anywhere I want and I love the art style! Simple and clean! Great job. :)

Awesome entry with stylish graphics and music! I love your gameplay with RTS. The number of resources for each upgrade and room are designed well. It makes the difficulty suitable for me. I would suggest to polish the camera control because zoom in/out effects make it harder to navigate to other rooms efficiently. Great job! :)

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Nice entry! I would suggest that you focus on the gameplay instead of many subsystems which are not very related to the gameplay (like options, scoring mechanism, boss fight). Try to polish your gameplay so that it can be more fun and enjoyable. :)

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I found the plank to cross the sea! It's fine now. :)

Awesome graphics and audio! I really like the art style and the atmosphere in the game. But I got stuck at the beginning when I went to the sea. I can't get through that part. Am I missing something? I played on Windows version.


Great entry with awesome graphics and audio! I like the art style and camera effects. The gameplay needs more strategic elements on towers. After wave 4, I almost can only run and build tower without thinking my strategy.  Overall Great job. :)

Nice entry with great level design and mechanism! I like the concept to lure enemies into traps. Level design is well done and have various types. Finally, I think the game feel could be improved to have more polished gameplay. :) 

Great entry with awesome atmosphere and music! I also love the vine mechanism that I could make my path by myself. I wish there’s a way to shorten the vine. Sometimes, I’ll get stuck by my terrible platform-making skill. laughing

Awesome entry! Gameplay, graphics, and audio are so great! The retro style feels good.

Impressive procedural content generation! I would suggest you polish your player’s control and mechanism. If there is a crosshair to show where the gun is aiming at, the gameplay would be better. Keep working, good job!

Good entry! The mechanism is great! I would suggest you refine your camera control. It sometimes rotates very fast so that I don’t know where I am looking at. If the game comes with polished graphics, it must be fun! Good job!

Great graphics! Definitely remind me of Warcraft 3 hahaha :) The game mechanism is matching the theme but I think it can be more fun. Good job!

Awesome game! You made a classic dilemma into a game and stick to the theme. I love the slow-motion effect when hitting people or chickens! Really impressive work in compo!

Great entry! smile You use the theme very clearly. The pace is very slow for the first 5 waves but became better later on. It will be better to use some effects to inform the player about upgraded units. I have to skim through all units to find the one to sacrifice.

It's so hilarious when so many cops flew out lol. I think it will be funnier if you can do something in jail instead of just waiting the time ticking. Nice try!

Thanks for playing :)

Thanks :)