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Awesome entry! Gameplay, graphics, and audio are so great! The retro style feels good.

Impressive procedural content generation! I would suggest you polish your player’s control and mechanism. If there is a crosshair to show where the gun is aiming at, the gameplay would be better. Keep working, good job!

Good entry! The mechanism is great! I would suggest you refine your camera control. It sometimes rotates very fast so that I don’t know where I am looking at. If the game comes with polished graphics, it must be fun! Good job!

Great graphics! Definitely remind me of Warcraft 3 hahaha :) The game mechanism is matching the theme but I think it can be more fun. Good job!

Awesome game! You made a classic dilemma into a game and stick to the theme. I love the slow-motion effect when hitting people or chickens! Really impressive work in compo!

Great entry! smile You use the theme very clearly. The pace is very slow for the first 5 waves but became better later on. It will be better to use some effects to inform the player about upgraded units. I have to skim through all units to find the one to sacrifice.

It's so hilarious when so many cops flew out lol. I think it will be funnier if you can do something in jail instead of just waiting the time ticking. Nice try!

Thanks for playing :)

Thanks :)