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Really fun! I really hope for more battles soon. Maybe a defensive battle where the player has to deploy walls or at least deploy behind the pre-placed walls of the mission? A skirmish mode where you can pick the enemy force would be fun. I think you've done a great job with the game already and I see a lot more potential if you want to expand it.

My thoughts upon beating this: "So dumb. I love it!"

Wow, this one is hard! I'm always blown away by how good you are at porting games. Keep it up!

Oh man I need more! Please make more levels for this!

Great job on this!

This is awesome! Great job on this game!

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Great job on the game! I love the art, music, and game play.

I ran into some bugs with the deck building I thought I would let you know about though. When upgrading and moving cards I found that after a few actions my cards start disappearing. I would place a card from the lower box to the deck box and it would just disappear. Also on the second to last level I finished upgrading and sorting my deck, went into battle, and found my deck replaced with the default deck from level one, and after loosing and looking at the deck builder again it was still the basic cards.

This was on windows in the Mozilla browser.

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reminds me of to original System Shock. I found a reference to the album Blue Oyster Cult in the "hand drawn" section and a possible reference to the 1927 silent film Metropolis in the blue city area that floods after you press a button. There is a central gong on a pedestal in a courtyard that looks just like the one in this game, and gets flooded in a similar manner.

Anyone else find any references?

Here is the flood scene from the movie:

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Awesome job guys!

Great Little demo! Great music, art, and game-play. I encourage you to expand this!

Great job! I can't afford Red Dead 2, so this will have to tide me over for now, haha

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That was awesome! Short and sweet, but a lot of fun! Great art too.

Make a longer version!!! I loved the PS1  feel of the graphics and awesome sound work.

***Mild spoilerage for a half-hour game, play it before reading as this comment is meant for the developers***

I loved the art and concepts. I think you have a great foundation, but I would build it out a little more. Specificaly,  the puzzles were too easy and I felt like I was playing a tutorial the entire time (which may have been your intention).  you could have used ecactly the same mechanics and recombined them to make a much more challenging experience. 

Also, I played through twice to make the oposite choices I made the first time. I loved the story and got a"Shadow of the Colosus" vibe from the hero making bad choices to save their loved one. That said, I think Yama was to similar to the Atma ending.

the first time I reached Atma/Yama, I did have a game breaking situation where the smaller floating heads would stop moving after I had destroyed 3/4 of them, and the fourth would just hang just outside of my Mantra box where I could not finish him. I think the last attack I landed on him pushed him out of the normal zone, but I am not sure. This happened on both of my play-throughs.

I sound pretty negative, but I genuinly think this could be expanded into a paid product, maybe with a couple new enemies and puzzles. If you're done with this project, please start on a new one as I can tell you are incredible and can't wait to see what else you do!!!

Fantastic game! I had to skip level B6 after staring at it for too long though.

For my first couple of tries I thought the boxes were just there for the visual of them getting blown off, but once I figured out they were the control I beat the game on my next try. Thanks for making this, it was a ton of fun and a very peaceful experience!

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Thank you for playing and the feedback! 

Yeah, increasing the speed would need the rocket to spin faster too. When I was play-testing it myself I was taking things nice and slow without considering what would really be fun.

I already plan on updating and adding to the levels. I figured I would just start with a few to keep it a short experience at first.

Really cool stuff here! I would personally like to see this expanded on.

thanks for the kind words and thoughtful feedback! 

The game definitely lacks a threat to encourage the player to get to the end of the level quickly, and I think that's a great idea! 

Thanks for playing!

You mean like... Poker?

Short, Fun, Knock stuff over: Perfect!

Cool stuff! I really like the way you did this. I have always wanted to make a game in a submarine or at least with limited information and I think you pulled off the concept well.

These fish arms are too real for me to handle.

Awesome! I did actually notice the Panic status made things a little more difficult, and at one point I did turn to a lower power to guarantee a hit.

Cool stuff! I beat the boss on level 8. anyone do better? I think I could have done it on level 7 If I was better. I agree the encounters are a little too common. I also thought there should be different effects or mini games for the different powers. The way it is now I just used whatever my newest power was.

Thanks for making this!

Hey Peter! I would love to see more in this game and more tutorials for GB studio. Good luck with Dwerve as well!

Awesome project and thanks for sharing it! I only played for about five minutes, but I couldn't see anything to interact with (nothing happens with the bushes and houses). I tried walking in circles around the starting nest to see if the other birds would mimic me, but didn't notice any change in their aimless wandering.

Do you have exaples of actual behaviors the birds can mimic at this stage? I'm sure I wasn't playing long enough to see results, but is would be fun to know what I might try to see some changes in behavior.

Download WinRAR or 7zip. They are free software that will convert .rar file archives. I can't remember, but I think windows might have a default ability as well if you right click on the .rar you should see the option to "extract" the files.

This game really exceeded my expectations and was a blast to play! Thanks for making it. My favorite part was how fluid the controls are and how easy it was for me to jump in and play. I had a bit of a flickering issue in full screen mode and when I went back to windowed the game was too zoomed in for the window resolution, but I fixed it by doing a clean install. 

Overall it reminds me a lot of the space battles in star wars battlefront, but with better controls.

Crashed my computer on windows 10. Never seen a PICO 8 game do that. The screen froze while the music played endlessly. Ctrl+Alt+Delete would not bring up task manager and I had to force my computer to restart. Really weird, but probably just a fluke.

Awesome game with great atmosphere for such a simple concept! I also found that bug other people are talking about when the warren gives the player infinite bunnies. I used it to beat the last round with one turn, haha

Short and psychedelic. I really liked the surreal world you created here. Keep it up!!!

This was awesome! Great story, great art, great voice acting, holy cow!! I actually am not a fan of point and click games, mostly because of nonsensical puzzles and going on for to long. I'm proud to say Alluvium suffers from non of that though! 

Cool Jeepney, it tipped me off to this being set in the Philippines (my theory anyway). I would love to know more about the back story to this, but it sounds personal. I really liked the water scene at the end. Great artwork and interesting nonsense dialog. Keep making cool experimental video games!

One thing I would change though, the player casts a shadow of a tall box whenever you are in light, which I would take out. (Unless you wanted it there for a reason.)

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I totally agree about having to "solve" each level. I liked the controls as they mimic actual tank controls as well (minus the turret rotation). I definitely felt like the ammo mechanic made me have to be deliberate with my shots and charge out of a safe zone to pick up ammo. Great stuff!

I can tell you have a ton of skill at programming and that this was a labor of love. Keep it up and stay strong! Thank you for sharing a part of yourself with the world.