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So I was out patrolling with the gang, running into monsters on purpose and looking for supplies when suddenly this woman pops up and tries to take our gold. I had no idea this could happen so I was completely taken by surprise.

 It was a very nice encounter but I was wondering how and why it happened. Is it just a very rare encounter that can happen if you run into a foe? Is it more likely to happen  in one location than another? Most importantly, is there a chance of it happening again? 

EDIT: Ok it just happened thrice. I guess it isn't actually that rare, I just hadn't spent much time fighting off-quest encounters before!

Hello! I wanted to ask if you planned to finish the Goblins Grove game. I've tried it and it looks lovely so far! I could not get past the goblet door but I suppose that's just not an option at the moment.

Looking forward to the full game!

"Es la primera vez en mi larga vida que pierdo"

Yo que acabo de ganar por la quinta vez: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

HAHAHH! CHUPATELA DEMONIO! Segunda partida y le gané!

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Yeah I managed to save them all a few times, but it's definitely a challenge! It takes a few tries and learning from experience helps, and it still takes some amount of luck. I've found the best items are Medicine, Food, Bandages and Water, and it's better to take the mountains because  it's safer and  you're more likely to find water there (from my experience). At first I always brought the bow because I thought it was better to be able to hunt and fight rather than just take some food, but I feel like the success rate with the bow isn't high enough to justify it and it's better to rely on luck. I also took more "useless" items to see if they had an use that wasn't obvious, like the book or the plushie, but they turned out to really be useless. Taking only useless stuff and making bad choices gave me an ending where none of them survived :(

I'm really excited to hear that there will be an update! Thank you so much for making this amazing game! "Plain plains, pain in my veins" has been stuck in my mind for some time, now.

Will do!

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BEST. GAME. EVER. Wish I could throw money at it.

That is indeed a goblin! Well done!

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Could you make a part 2 plz. I would buy it.

I want them all to be happy

Hey you're the one who made that Dark Cystal game! Big fan! This was a great game as well!

What an intriguing experience. It was very well written and you chose the music well. It made me feel things. Will definitely wait for the sequel.

It looks amazing! Well done.

I played the Improved Game Jam, though I didn't notice any differences with the earlier version. I guess it must be more subtle changes like sound or colors?

Inscryption just came out today and it's already one of my favourite games. I remember that I saw a youtuber playing the demo, and thought "wait... haven't I seen this before?" and instantly remembered Sacrifices Must Be Made! It was such a memorable little game and to see it grow like this is amazing. 

That was unexpectedly tense.

Is there anyway we could listen to any of the music tracks outside of the game? Maybe on Youtube or Spotify or as a downloadable file?

It's really great that you're releasing a similar game that is more developped! I really enjoyed this one so I will be looking forward to it. 

I had been waiting for this game! I liked the strange artstyle. 

This is so heartwarming and bittersweet. I love it.

It was super fun! Flying was a little difficult at first but you quickly learn how to fly for a long time without falling.

It was very funny and sweet!

This is a really fun idea for a maker! I love the style.

I'll definitely check it out!

My headcanon is that the Phantom of the Opera is his friend because he shares the same entitlement he has. They both give Nice GuyTM vibes.

I have not finished this game yet but I can say it's one of the most gorgeous games I've seen!

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The downloads don't seem to work. Is there any other site where I could download this game?

Edit: Nevermind, I made it! I only had to use Edge instead of Chrome.It was a great game! He's such a picky eater...

I'll play this again from time to time just for the card game. And I was really spooked when it closed.

I loved this game, so fun and unique and ominous! I actually became really invested in the cards, so at times I almost forgot I was playing against a forest demon and was like "damn, nice move friend! Oh wait..."


Man I knew something was about to go down as soon as I noticed the fangs and the wooden stake. Amazing game though! Very unique and entertaining. 

When I found SHALL, then AGAIN, I was like... Ok... Kind of ominous... The real "oh shit" moment was finding the RISE.  I knew how this was gonna end then. I knew it... But I had no choice.

This was beautifully written.

I would love a sequel to this with a different monster!

Poor Baron Von Bloodmonger may he rest in peace.

(this is my favorite interactive comic)

That was a lot shorter than I thought, but super super fun! Really loved the comedy and the art.

I really liked that you got to change the controls and really loved the atmosphere and music. Overall the game is fun. Quite difficult, though! AT least for me.

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Super fun game! I really liked it. I'll check out more games. :)

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I love, love, LOVE the music and the character themes! They all sound very good in their own way and they're very fitting to the characters. 

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Hello! I'm really exited to try the new version. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to work. When I get to the new Menu, I can't start the game. I've tried pressing enter and clicking on Start. It doesn't work for Options, for Tutorial or for Exit, either. The game also won't close with ESC or get smaller with F4, only the Windows key can close it. I'm not really sure what the issue could be...

EDIT: I have pressed Z and managed to start the game! Maybe I forgot to read some instructions. Sorry about that.

EDIT 2: I really love it! The onomatopeia are really well animated, very cartoony and it fits the style. The Tutorial was really well made, those eyes got me. It can't kill you but it definitely gives the player an idea of the horror they will experience during the actual game. 

And of course, my favorite thing is that I can mess with her now. Time to do it until she kills me.

EDIT 3 (spoilers): Ok I know I've made a lot of edits but.. Oh, my god. I knew she was going to kill me if I kept turning on the TV but I was NOT expecting the witch to stop and look at the couch. I can't decide if it's scary or fucking hilarious, especially since she only kills you the NEXT time you do it.

I keep coming back to this game. It will never be like playing it for the first time, but it always brings back the same feelings of sadness, compassion, and fear.