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I really appreciate that you used Remedios Varo's paintings here, they fit well.

Very clever! Similar to Be Honest but still felt fresh enough. You have an unique style.

I love this game more than I should.

Aww this was such a cute game!

"What a cute tree! I'll do every to give it wat-


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51 years. That means I DO make it past 60, considering my age. SUCK THAT, OWL.

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I love how if you fail twice the recipe just spells (hehe) it out for you. 

First and second tries : Ominous, dark poetry.

Third try : Look dingus, we need a RED APPLE and an EYEBALL. Can you do that?

Also I feel so smart for getting the good ending! I will be joining my twelve sisters soon.

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I got it on the first try! Though, I might have simply been lucky... I'm not too sure how exactly this worked, a lot of it was asking him to elaborate on things. It seems he was already unsure to begin with. Extremely intriguing!

Could I please have a link to the music? I love it.

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Hi! I have been OBSESSED with this game lately and I just wanted to know if we get better clothes further in the game (right now I'm in the Riots phase). I suspect that Annalie's shop might have new options eventually, but I wondered just how many options we would get throughout the game, because right now I feel like there are not many. HOW is my WIFE going to look nice for our date if all she has are some baggy-ass pants and some ugly t-shirts? Where are the DRESSES? The COATS?? The PRETTY SHOES??? THE HATS???? Also it would be nice if she could also have more hairstyles. 

Like, you can't give us the Himdere personality module and NOT sell us a princess costume! 

I know this is a lot of requests! I'm sorry! I'm just... skjudgsjkfgsdjhgf PLEASE????



Oh, we get to live in the end! ^^

This was such a HARROWING experience! It was so immersive from the start and I loved just walking around and talking to everyone!

And I can't believe I got to meet PLINY THE ELDER! It's a shame he died this way. But I suppose fortune favors the bold!

Very informative! The graphics are beautiful, I felt like staying there forever.

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Literally obsessed with this game. I completed the demo and got Tesserarius which I guess is the highest you can go in the free one.

How did you use other colors? I can't find the way. :(

Is there a way to use colors other than pink, blue and yellow? Also is there a way to fill the canvas?

I don't get the war part of the game. It's basically impossible to lose regardless of strategy.

This is the most beautifully haunting thing I have ever seen.

Pretty fun and easy game!

Haha, went through the same thing.

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It's Sheeriku. (Harem Witch Girl) If she's not in your warcamp yet she should be on that tree house in the forest (south of the Stree-Uhk camp).

Everyone needs aftercare :{

137! 1615$

1 - 10

1 - 35

1 - 100

4 - 350

I don't know if I can get any higher.

128, 1725$, 4 lives

1 - 10

1 - 35

2 - 100

4 - 350

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125!!! 4 lives, 1770$ 

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I have collected all four ingredients and the game took note of it and told me to find a mixer, and that part of the quest has a checkmark on it. Yet when I give it to Sheeriku she still tells me I'm missing some ingredients. :(

EDIT: So it might be worth mentioning that I am playing with an old save from 0.62 so that might be the cause...

EDIT 2 : Sooo I replayed the game from the start and it does seem like the problem was due to using an old save. It works just fine :)



Honestly all the higher goblins are garbage you only need the regular goblins.



Is it possible to upgrade the warcamp in this current version? I'm at the point where I'm stuck on the Elixir of Life quest, which I assume is normal, but I tried to gather enough supplies to upgrade the camp in the meantime. I got 30 supply parcels which is what Worm requested but it seems I cannot upgrade it. Does it only work after you get the Sappers?

What does a final score of 59 mean?

Also, I am a little disappointed that I didn't see the insect enemies.

Aside from that though it was a very challenging and addictive game and the music was FIRE.

I'm guessing you already figured it out but you had to click on a different colored column.

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So I was out patrolling with the gang, running into monsters on purpose and looking for supplies when suddenly this woman pops up and tries to take our gold. I had no idea this could happen so I was completely taken by surprise.

 It was a very nice encounter but I was wondering how and why it happened. Is it just a very rare encounter that can happen if you run into a foe? Is it more likely to happen  in one location than another? Most importantly, is there a chance of it happening again? 

EDIT: Ok it just happened thrice. I guess it isn't actually that rare, I just hadn't spent much time fighting off-quest encounters before!

EDIT 2: Goddamn bitch is everywhere. "pErHApS i CAn oFfEr a DiFfEreNt KiNd oF-" SHUT UP. SHUT! UP! LEAVE ME ALONE.

I know this is a videogame and you're bound to encounter the same enemy many times, but I personally enjoy these theories:

1 - There are several clones / identical sisters of her, all with the exact same lifestyle, attitude, style, etc. 

2 - She has the short-term memory capacity  (and sword skills) of a goldfish

3 - She likes goblin cock a little too much (or has a kink for this kind of situation)

Hello! I wanted to ask if you planned to finish the Goblins Grove game. I've tried it and it looks lovely so far! I could not get past the goblet door but I suppose that's just not an option at the moment.

Looking forward to the full game!

"Es la primera vez en mi larga vida que pierdo"

Yo que acabo de ganar por la quinta vez: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

HAHAHH! CHUPATELA DEMONIO! Segunda partida y le gané!