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It was my screw up, I added a scene at the end of o.13 and forgot to include the images in the update. The fixed update is now up.

The fixed update is up.

Currently no, I want to wait until the chapter is done before I go back and add extra stuff like that.

Just uploaded it. :)

An update just came out. So... 4-6 weeks?

Was the Friday coming up, now it's yesterday.

I'll have the next free version up on Friday.

Probably around the beginning of Nov.

I kept fudging up the saves with each release. Totally my fault. With 0.06 I changed how the game saves were done. I also made changes to the previous code with how choices were done. Sorry but previous save will not work.  

The good news is the changes I made to the saves have been fine as of 0.08.