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Thanks for that. I have been waiting years for an appropriate model to use as a polar explorer in a Lovecraft themed game. Years. Will get it right now.

P.S. Sorry, I just realized it only offers Paypal as an option. Can you add debit card in there? That's how I buy most things on Itch.

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No, .obj models are not compatible or rigged for mechanim. Only .FBX or similar files that contain animation and rigging. Otherwise it is a good model, very retro.

Is this model mechanim/mixamo compatible?

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There is no comparison.

Some things have "flow."

Other things suck and are not well thought out. They lack Zen.

Adventure Creator is for people who can't program and have no zen. They don't know any better. They think AC is how development is supposed to feel. Agonizing, torturous and so over-engineered everything takes forever. That's blasphemy on the Unity forum, you never attack AC. It is the Pope of the Asset Store.

I've bought every tool on the Unity Asset Store for one simple reason ... I wanted to build a combination Adventure Game and Turn-Based combat RPG. No, wait ... I meant I wanted to build LOTS and LOTS of games like this, a sort of genre that particularly interests me.

I started in Adventure Creator, found it slow - tedious - boring and overengineered. Two hours in it and I am checked out mentally. I have lost my initial enthusiasm for my game concept. Too much piddling with a weird set of flags in Visual Script. It doesn't even feel like game design to me it's so labyrinthine.

Started last Friday just playing with PowerQuest having accidentally discovered it here on You know when something is good when you start playing with it and it sucks you into hyperfocus.

It is one week later and I have my prototype up and running ... three dramatic cutscenes, a cast of characters and a very atmospheric game that is what I wanted ... focused on the story and emotions with a component of turn-based combat. The Turn-Based battles are already spectacular. I was trying to copy the fights in "Shelter" and I almost cloned them.

I don't think I would have gotten this far in it in Adventure Creator and after a month I'd probably abandon it.

FLOW is essential to game development. I've written a lot of them and I can tell you that without FLOW you will never finish your game. If the engine itself is an ordeal, the development becomes torturous. It needs to FLOW like PowerQuest.

The ideal background is you should be at least a competent programmer in C# for Unity. You would also be greatly helped if you ever played with the original Adventure Game Studio back in the day (AGS) because this engine is like that one except vastly superior.

UPDATE : After another week of working in PowerQuest, I am blown away. So much better than Adventure Creator as far as 2D goes it is not a fair comparison. A better kit than the old ADVGTK. Spend the time to learn how it works, your brain will be fried at how well thought out it is. Everything is fun and effortless and it flows right through your fingers. You can focus on the story and game mechanics.

My initial attempt at this is a crude JRPG but you'd be amazed at how easy it can be.


I am stunned at how much I was able to learn about it just playing with it before I read the documentation.

I set out to incorporate turn-based battle between PQ characters on Tuesday. It's Thursday night at 11:30 pm and a multi-character party is working really good. The first character I recruited into my party was a dog to assist in the combat and he turned out pretty cool, too.

It is the most intuitive, clever tool I have ever bought and I must have purchased half the Unity store. It all lacks something that Powerquest has. It's is obviously the product of many years of experience by a master developer who had a lot of Adventure Game Studio under his belt.

You'll need some C# skill, some Unity experience and a capacity to appreciate how instinctive it is. Many different turn-based kits of the Unity store will integrate nicely with this tool. My first effort is going to be simple, I am certain I will finish this game now that I understand this tool.

I have had success incorporating the turn based toolkit from Unity into the code.

Are you authorized to distribute these? Of course not. Why would you put them up here?

It's a bummer. I would buy these in a minute but there is no debit card option. I only buy through to make sure they receive their fee and I can't use Paypal at present.

I'm sorry but I have to go through, they host some of my IP and they can't do it for free.

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Beautiful, could you make this one credit card pay as well? I already own the other sets I purchased this way. My Paypal is flakey. Is this set already included in the MEGA pack?

Very cool for a top-down RPG. Really pixel retro.

Does this work in Built-In/Standard?

Ditto. Spent $18,000 on the Unity asset store but I am switching to Godot. Unity kevorkianed itself with their retroactive royalty robbery.

Does that background come with the icons?

Is it possible to add features to the dungeon walls and floors to create more detail in the 3D?

This is a whole 'nuther level of awesome for PSX  style games. Seeing it with proper lightmapping, I just had to plan a game with these assets. Something very scary about a trailer park at night.

Can you post what the triangle count is on the model?

Where's the sample? Buy without some idea of what you're getting? Could you put it on Soundcloud or something similar?


Do you know the origin of the model itself? It's important to know if something uses it in a game. It looks fantastic, it's a great model. Just making sure it wasn't lifted out of a commercial game.

Did you render these yourself?

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I had a hard drive fail on me last year and I lost these! Was planning for years to use these in my post-apocalyptic dungeon crawler as walls!! Thanks for putting them up in Unity format, much easier to import and incorporate right away!!!!

P.S. Still trying to find a way to put CRT flicker onto those select areas of monitors and electronic lights in Standard LRP materials. It was easy enough in Legacy materials animating the hidden illumination map but any ideas how to do it with Standard materials?



You are thieving SCUM RATBAG

Legal IP? Where did this come from?

Most games you get stuck into for a platformer you realize right away how bad crouch is needed to hide behind crates and shuffle forward through a narrow passage. Immediately you have a stealth component and secret areas, adds a lot to the game right there. Ladder climb is almost mandatory now, needs to climb ladders to access new areas.

This is a beautiful character but you really need crouch and stand flat against wall to support stealth in a survival horror platformer. Otherwise this character is terrific. The biggest problem would be finding similar character quality for the other characters she might encounter other than the zombie.

I need a refund. Your add-on is not really working well enough to use and there is insufficient documentation to even know how to fix it.

Your add-on is not licensed by RPG Unite and I discovered it will turn off the editor every time it is turned on.

Please refund my purchase back.

These assets are nakedly ripped off from 2D artwork sold on the Unity Asset Store. You simply clipped out select portions, shrunk them down to postage stamp size and are now reselling them. What is kind of sad and deranged is that you could have produced superior images from AI if you had the patience.

The UI was a little rough in places but game so far is superb! I really miss the Adventure game and I'd like to make some and to buy some again. I can only hope that any game I would write would be a tenth as classy as this is so far. It's really teaching me that you can reach for a higher standard in an adventure game and it is very suited to the medium.

Excellent, purchased last week.

Nice example, thanks for showing what the kit can do. I have always wanted to concentrate on the story and dialogue and just have the combat systems ready to work for me out of the box.

What music did you use in the background? It was good for that game genre.

Is all source code included so it can be modified or adapted if needed?

Holding out for that zombie pack so these guys have somebody to fight!

I would like to ask if you would ever have an interest in doing a group of characters much like your "Man/People" series of interchangeable parts except with less exaggerated proportions for the heads and hands. I would really like to be able to populate a game with characters like this but the cartoon style is only appropriate for certain settings. I think it would make constructing adventure games and similar 2D much easier. I own a copy of Spriter and could do whatever animations were needed with the parts if included. I don't know if you have seen the MIDNIGHT SCENES on but they have struck a good balance between realism and stylized for the characters there. I have thought about using all your artwork for a really cool adventure many times but your characters are pretty humorous and it would be hard to do horror with them because they tend to make you laugh. On the other hand, the style is nearly perfect for all the props and a lot of the features you would have in this kind of game (your lab series, etc.) if the character set was just a little more realistic. This is just something to think about, I've been collecting your stuff for a long time. I am about halfway through a game called MUTANT FIGHTERS using your environments and it looks pretty darn good. Too realistic is also never quite right for a computer game, it is somewhere in between (like MIDNIGHT SCENES) that the balance is perfect. I think I have bought a $1000.00 worth of your stuff so far and am always collecting more of it. It tends to be evocative for most mobile and casual games, nearly perfect with the comical aspect. It just requires figures a bit more proportioned to do a general Adventure game with them, especially if it is supposed to be scary in places.