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Thanks for these and all the other free content you have created. You are very generous to share these assets with other developers, they are all first rate. Have a look at the 3D voxel dungeon assets by this same author if you don't want 2D isometric, I've written a prototype with them and they look excellent.

Example of superb minimalist retro aesthetic with brilliant mechanics!

What animations are present?

First rate amazingly well crafted horror game that captures the feel of Junji Ito's work almost perfectly. Please do a large commercial survival horror pixel game!

Weird, lovecraftian pixel art! Reminds me of THROUGH THE GATES OF THE SILVER KEY or works by Dunsany. Very nice composition.

Beautiful work! More games need stylized 2D art like this!

Too good to be free! It's awesome for a boss!

Lots of people have had success running Grimoire under Linux with Wine. There are specific instructions here :

No download button!

Awesome! Immediately got "ANOTHER WORLD" vibe! Great graphics, great mechanics and terrific music!!!!

Thanks! Wow that tool is very useful now. If you pack all the graphics into a Unity Atlas and use string parsing to identify the correct sprite from your text list, you can easily assemble the face from the text description. Notable you have to assemble the animations yourself in advance for the eyes and mouth. I have been looking for something along these lines for a while, it's terrific content! Is a female pack planned for it at the same price?

This looks incredible but could you please compile an off-line version of the tool and also output/save the configuration to a named file so we can replay the data easily from a file? JSON or some simple text format would be fine. It's not convenient at all to run this tool from the web each time and write down (?) selected data. That will be very frustrating for designing multiple faces for a game.


What about that main figure with the red jumpsuit - where did this asset come from?

Ansimuz, you rock! I consider my Patreon account with you the best investment I ever made in quality assets!

Never got this link to the package

I paid for this, it went through on Paypal but it never showed up in my library. Please see if you can find out why this happened, I really wanted the office characters from this set.


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I can't get the Beat'Em'Up Unity Package after purchasing it twice, please email to me at ""

You outdid yourself this time, Szadi! Beautiful work! Try some 2D lighting with these tiles and prepare to have your mind blown, looks like triple AAA game!

It's a drag with Unity changing the API once a month, isn't it?

I did and only one effect was left in the package, all the others had vanished. That one effect seemed to be working okay without error messages.

Amazing package but it has some critical errors in the 2019.3.7f1 version of Unity. Hoped you might be able to help me resolve this problem below ...

Graphics.CopyTexture called for entire mipmaps with different memory size (source (RGBA8 UNorm) is 1048576 bytes and destination (RGBA16 SFloat) is 2097152 bytes)
UnityEngine.GUIUtility:ProcessEvent(Int32, IntPtr)

Plural, millennial. 

I love the general style. It is both organic and pixel artwork and the feel is very consistent from one tileset to another. Excellent work.

The coming update for will probably be with PDF manual. I am just waiting for it to go live on another vendor first before I update here.

No, AlexKingAK, no mention of any limitation to non-commercial projects was made before you began to sell this pack. No license information or restrictions of any kind were listed. If you want you can modify the license now but you will need to post that on the page. As far as I am concerned, this package was sold with commercial rights prior and no other restrictions mentioned.

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Is there a Patreon link for these?

Thanks, appreciate it.

Thanks for this review. Could you cut and paste this review over at Steam if you have a Steam key? I am so close to getting Grimoire into positive ratings, I just need a couple more to push it to 70%.

Wow! Amazing stuff, I love it! It has inspired me to attempt something similar. I love the offbeat trilogy aspect and the general creepy atmosphere that permeates these games! Excellent work by puppet combo and the 80's VHS motif is really a frightening found footage theme!

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Pretentious pseudo-intellectual claptrap. Don't quit your day job.

P.S. Early onset of psychoses nearly always manifests itself as cruelty to animals.

Such a tiny game, such an impact in so short a time! Great work!

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I don't even know where to begin this thing is so awesome! As a person deeply in love with horror comics, H.P. Lovecraft and narrative storytelling intermixed into a game ... it's like all my Christmases came at once! Fantastic, scary, creepy, engrossing, unusual, unique! Please do more of this kind of thing, the game industry desperately needs more upper cortex stimulation instead of lower. For fans of Lovecraft, I would say this is a must-buy!!!!!!!!! If you never added anything else to it I would still consider this well worth the price, but I eagerly anticipate more content/other chapters added to this game! This is like a choose-your-own-adventure with hints of hunt-the-wumpus.  Very cool just as it is now, although with a little extra it could be a very addictive game. I would recommend randomizing the rooms a little more with some features and descriptive text plus arbitrary events in any given room. Otherwise, this game is both engaging and spooky and very off-beat. MOAR!

P.S. Warning! You will not get far in this game without using a little brainpower! You have to get the map and pay attention or you will die repeatedly on the first level after only a few rooms! Pay attention to the associations on the map with colors to indicate what they connect to. You may also have to confront at least one shoggoth and kill one dagon to make it down to the lower levels!