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Stolen from the Unity Asset store from an artist Kandles

Take this garbage off and ban this idiot forever.

All stolen assets from Kandles on the Unity Store, you scumbag. Nothing lower than somebody who steals artwork from some poor artist who has worked a hundred hours to produce it and sells it as his own. You're a lowlife.


You dirty, greasy thieving bastard. All these assets are from the artist Kandles on the Unity Asset Store. I would tie you to a tree and give you 100 lashes to teach your millennial candy ass a lesson about stealing the intellectual property of others and selling it.

Beautiful stuff!!! Seriously retro. It may not be interesting to you but what do you think of trying some wall panels like EYE OF THE BEHOLDER for a low res crawler?

Ripped off assets! Learn to understand property, it's all in the frontal lobes! Don't distribute what you don't own.

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Next time check first. There's nothing uglier than stolen IP up on that somebody assumes they are free to use and even sell. Gratitude and credits are what separates us from the lower animals.

It doesn't matter if the author was kind enough to give you permission - you already violated your Unity Asset store agreement not to use any downloaded assets to generate your own assets for resale. Just because you made his model into an isometric sprite doesn't mean you didn't violate that contract.

Millennial kids act like they are missing their frontal lobes sometimes, it's like they just don't get right from wrong. Worse, sometimes they act like the only wrong is getting caught. Did you bother to get permission for any of those other Asset Store models you used to generate iso sprites?

I think a lot of people believe AI artwork is in it's infancy when in fact if you know the tools, you can get spectacular output with the right input ideas. These screens might have taken even the most gifted artist several months to produce without help but knowing the software means you can produce them in a single day. This is mega-winning for indies who can't afford a year's wages for some battlebacks or menu screens if somebody can produce them with these enhanced tools much quicker than 6 months of work. I encourage you to keep refining your skills in this arena I bet that people who know how to coach AI for the best results will soon find that as the AI increases it's quality there will be a subsequent need for people who know their semantics. I've been trying over on Wombo to produce some card graphics and the results have been good but not even a fraction of how well formed these are.

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Excellent! Really good AI artwork, I am glad somebody knows how to get the best results from those programs. These make terrific battlebacks or splash screens for post-apocalyptic games. Some of those rooms would be really good in a point-n-click or visual novel adventure.

Wow! Cool selection of RPG splash pages, very well done.

I would like to see you take a stab at post-apocalyptic, I can always use more of those kinds of screens in game.

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This was really something. What did you write this in? Are you planning to open source it? I saw what you did there with the height maps. Very clever, ashamed I didn't think of it. Brilliant way to make use of the 3D engine and still keep the faux 2D appearance.

P.S. Are you using flares for the colored lighting? I've been trying this but my fake 3D lighting with flares doesn't even come close to this appearance. I'm also using an expensive stylized shader for the cross hatching of shadows and it still doesn't look as good. Your effort truly captures the original crawlers in both spirit and visuals.

Wow. These are absolutely awesome. Went on my wishlist instantly.

That is something to look forward to. The art style of the characters to match the setting is important.

Where can we preview some of these songs to determine if the pack is worth it?

No commercial use of these graphics ?

Really well done and low poly too. Late night stores always seem so creepy and this one is really creepy somehow.

Please make more. These are so offbeat and interesting you could build a game with them easily. These would be character portraits, some turn-based style front view monsters and enemies would be awesome with the same style. Worth a lot more than $2.

IS there video anywhere of this engine we could watch? Is there a real 3D environment to walk around in ?

Really nice! Nostalgia for great post-apocalyptic pixel games of the past.

Really, really good pixel art. Looks like it is straight out of 1992 DOS game platformer. EGA Classic like Biomenace.

Looks like a great update, when will it be released?

That's very, very generous of you! I do a lot of Unity coding and I can assure you just building the infrastructure of many common pages can take quite a while. You've got a lot of useful code there already set out for a game. I tried to reskin it a bit for a sci-fi game and it looks fantastic no matter what theme. You made very efficient use of screen space in many cases and the layouts are just right for the real estate available to work with. Thanks for that and I look forward to seeing what games you write in the future, you're very good!

I know you forked this into a card game and it looks good - your original prototype here was darn near complete. Is there a license for this source code on the original "Heroes of Herp Derp?"

Powerful character creator for side scrollers as well as top down.

Beautiful! Great atmosphere and style.

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Seriously, who doesn't love this series of games? Inspiring ! Best bite-sized horror games on Itch or anywhere else!

P.S. Just finished it. No spoilers but I decided I would have to throw my underwear away, there's no way I am ever going to get that pair clean enough to put on again. The ending of this one was a shocker, very creepy.

Can I ask how many male, how many female, how many children in this set? This can help when using the portraits for character creation in RPGs.

Thanks for these and all the other free content you have created. You are very generous to share these assets with other developers, they are all first rate. Have a look at the 3D voxel dungeon assets by this same author if you don't want 2D isometric, I've written a prototype with them and they look excellent.

Example of superb minimalist retro aesthetic with brilliant mechanics!

What animations are present?

First rate amazingly well crafted horror game that captures the feel of Junji Ito's work almost perfectly. Please do a large commercial survival horror pixel game!

Weird, lovecraftian pixel art! Reminds me of THROUGH THE GATES OF THE SILVER KEY or works by Dunsany. Very nice composition.