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sameeee, this has been an issue for MONTHS. i thought it was fixed by now and i still cant log in. feel like they've been neglecting the browser game

saw this on tiktok, cant wait to try it out >.<

uhm its been so long since i came back to this game and isee that the log in bug is still there??? when i try to put my email the letters are typed backwards, pls fix it

this game is soooo cuteee, i like the design so much. 

One thing tho, the froggies are quite hard to grab sometimes lol

still cant get over it 😭

seems like there's something wrong with logging in rn? can't delete the previous letters and idk everything i type in is being input backwards...

Hear me out...

this is so cool, lol

HAHAHHAA ang cute,

try this:
milktea - 6
sugar - 3
boba - 6

this one worked for me lol i was getting annoyed at them for saying it lacks boba every damn time, now they releasing speech bubbles w hearts when i did that

just finished it and would love to continue to my next branch however i saw a few comments saying the game doesn't load their progress and i think mine wouldn't too as there's no log ins on the game and i had to go, cant play the second branch right away. kinda sad to lose all the progress i made but it was fun 

This is so addicting! And it's better than clicker games

I love this game! The storyline is so cute too, it's quite addicting to play, adding this to my favorites lol

Love this! Gives me little miss misfortune vibes lol

Very nice game! Really confusing without the guides and the guides is quite confusing as well but thanks to it I got all endings! The bgm and the art is really good! Gives huge yandere vibes altho Sasagawa isn't really that worse but he is definitely weird. Overall, it's nice but it unlike other otome games it doesnt have much choices so it's quite hard to get other endings by yourself.

Nice game, quite annoying at first when you're not used to it yet, I think it would be better if there are scores and the bar fills up again once you fix everything or it could just increase for a little bit but since there's no levels and it's repetitive, it's a nice game to kill a little bit of boredom.

woahhhh, this looks good! 

This is such a cute game, very confusing at first but once you get a hang of it it's quite addictive, love the small conversation with the costumers and it's quite annoying how the customers complain about the banana peel/empty bottle that they ate/used, like it's literally theirs and if they feel so bothered about it, they can throw it to the bin themselves jkjk. But honestly though, they should give me more turns instead of complaining right away and giving me a bad review. I love how the structure of the cafe also changes everytime you restart it, the whole game is very interactive, I'd definitely play this offline if I can download it :>


its just soooo goood, i like boss a lot, idk but the dialogue is what i would actually want to say to him if ever, its just perfect! On my first try I killed all of em, loveeeeee the ending! Second one was me dating all of em lmao, I thought the boss was gonna kill me instead since I didn't finish even one job and that he'd take my organs in exchange lololol but he's too sweeeeeeeeet >///< He didnt care that i was dating multiple guys and even told me I was his favorite, how can i not fall for him broooo

THIS IS SOOOO CUTEEEE and funny lmaooo. It's like wholesome and dark at the same time, my first michael named Michael died at his second day lololol I was so shocked but my second one Michelle lasted for atleast a week and day, she's a rare michael so it must be it. This game is so so good except of me breaking down a lil bit because of my first michael dying too quick lmao

didnt use the defibrillator cuz when i press the button they just die lololol, im too dumb for this but atleast I saved 1 patient out of 6 patients I handled X.X

Nice game but when I try to full screen the game it didn't end up to be totally fullscreen like it's still small either way this is quite fun

I got candidate as the result lololol, its weird but nice gameeee

lololol this is so cute

hear me out...

I like this kind of games, thank goodness there's no jumpscares, i aint ready for those lol. very creepy

The last guy liked me lol but I still didn't get the job because the other two didn't liked me so It's a win

I was doing so good until I chose the wheel instead of the box for the discount, I forgot that I have more boxes then the wheels didn't show up much T^T

This game is so entertaining at the same time stressing, specially with the bomb part where they need the red bomb and I was confused cuz I've never seen it before in the game and I didn't know where to get it, had to press the lever multiple times to get it and when i finally did it just explodes or it's suddenly under all the other junks. Very frustrating, nice game.

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this game is really cuteee and quite fun, but challenging because the timer in each order is quite too fast for me to handle specially once I've used all the cups and had to wash them, i can only bring one item at a time so yeah lololol

edit: Im getting good at it btw, can i download this or something? i wanna play it offline too lol

uhm I downloaded it and it became a windows media player something... and of course I cant run the actual app if I can only open it via media player, I'm confused..

this is pretty cute! But I gave up on the ramen part lol 

I didn't really understand what he was saying but this game is kinda cute lol

lololol this is so cool

This is sooo good! On my first try I think I got a successful ending where my mom gets what she wanted since I did what I was told, second play was me trying to see what happens if I pick the wrong choices, ended with the mom getting so mad and dissappointed lol. One thing though, on my second play, the musty girl with huge tits on floor 6 i think, when i said yes to her offer, I thought she was gonna eat/kill me or something but i think she harassed the boy instead and probably sexually assaulted the boy? Like broooo tf.

It's so realistic!

I got all the endings and this is all so good! I love the art, JESTER LOOK SOOOO FINE and his voice actor mhmmmmmmm suits him so well. Love it!

This game is sooo cute, I know it's quite disturbing but Moriss is Just too cute lol. I love the game quite unique and you can really see that there's so much effort put into this.

This is just like the fire place game text but this it has visuals. So cool!

THIS IS SOOOO GOOOOD, I'm not even exaggerating, i didn't expect much at first and walking the character confuses me but it's so funny and horrifying at the same time. The effort in this game is so evident, I love it!