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This game is good, not my type, but good, Bravo.

I found Sho, but no guns yet, 4/5 would recommend trying before your life ends.

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I liked the part when he said: "It's ball kicking Time!" and started Kicking balls.

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I can't believe this game exists,  its worth playing, hell, its worth pulling an all nighter to play.
I am 40 minutes into the game and its amazing so far.

Edit: I like how the character reacts to the instructions, and how he reacts generally, Good Game.


nah dude, we are too late for this one, sorry.



Wild East

NOICE, when is it coming?

its important to make your game looks beautiful and not look like someone opened a blender project.
I am not assuming that you are not planning to add shaders but I wanted to make sure, as the game seems very promising.

I gotta say, weird camera angles and running can reveal some extra details.

A game well made.

the game has good things, but also bad ones.
the melee fighting is awesome but the ranged is not so comfortable.
the game lags whenever I melee hit an enemy (i have a decent PC tho).
reading the signs is annoying because the whole game stops.

I will keep playing the game and will update whenever I find something that can help you develop the game.

what I realized until now :
-enemies walk into pillars and stuck.
-it would be better if the npcs text was written one letter by one to make a simulation to what it feels like when hearing actual people (not just the whole text one time like a sign).
-the game can use a camera offset when the player moves to look like the character is actually moving. Like offset by (1,0) when player is moving left and (0,0) offset when they stop.

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I like playing hard games, but having such a strong boss at the start is kinda not right, too much health and attacks are too fast (even if i see the orb acting like it will attack, it will be too late already)

Nerf the first boss.

Edit: or at least give me a way to get stronger before facing the boss.

You have the gameplay, but there is still the rest of the game to make.


Awesome gameplay, all you need is to add puzzles, better maps and more mechanics to make it perfect.

I can see it have a massive success. keep it up! \[T]/