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Can't tab out of the game to reduce the volume or even check other programs on the PC. I hope this gets fixed soon. 

Awesome game! Fell a bit behind on Nik's computer table but it's all good! Great spooks!!!

I've played the Shopping List before and I'm glad to see the goat Jordan uploading another awesome game! I promise I'll embrace the spooks more when you release another game someday! 

Lamu clapped us real good! 

player note: awesome first horror game! Keep up the good work!

Yay! Got all endings! (hopefully it's actually six tho) If you're planning to make a sequel, I'm looking forward to it! Also, congrats on first game release!

Any fix for when I minimize it, the app pauses until I go back to the window?

Thanks as always!

Let's Fucking Go Ball | Know Your Meme

Awesome game! I like how it's very simple and gets you off guard with the farm animals! Very relaxing to play with very nice and comfy design! I look forward to another game that like this that you'll make someday! Thank you so much for making this!

The Windowed Fullscreen still gives the same view with the screenshot I sent.  Windowed Mode is currently the best solution but immersion is less. Hope the resolution gets fixed!

Thanks for the quick response! Sadly it's still cut when it's on Windowed Fullscreen mode and it's written 1650 not sure if it's a typo but it should be 1680. I apologize for having a weird monitor! 

Let me know if it gets updated!

Maybe try something with the resolution first

It automatically resizes all windows so the green screen app I'm using gets resized as well. And when I alt tab the mouse sometimes goes off screen when I go back to the game.

Support for 1680x1050 please? I'm having problems with fullscreen option as well so I'd like to play in Windowed Fullscreen Mode

based af thank you as always! 

Awesome! I hope it supports a larger resolution as the avatar I use doesn't fit in a perfect square reso so it was scaled down sadly. Still, thanks for this one!

Thanks for the wonderful game! Dog House 3 when? :P 

Thanks for the awesome game! Short but fun! Great job! I hope you keep creating more stuff in the future!

Very awesome! Loved the vibes!

Keep up the good work! ^^

Thanks as always for creating these games! As for a game made within 48 hours, it's great! For sure it'll be better if more time will be given! And the Server Room is really amazing! :P

Hopefully I didn't miss anything in this one!

I played this before the rebrand! I thought it was gone into oblivion but nawp! Looking forward to the next part!

This was very fun to play! Only problem I had was having trouble finding the key cause it do be like that with me! Did my best to clear it and I guess you could say "Got em!"

Finally got the other one! It's a rip from my stream so I hope you don't mind the different format 

Thank you for the kind comment! May I ask how many endings are in the game?

Awesome game! I love the art style! It's kinda nostalgic for me in a way! And also our lil demon Barrett is so cute! This was my first try but I'll try to check out other paths soon! Must get that Good Ending!

Very awesome game! I had a lot of fun! The art style and the music is really nice! Only problem I encountered was getting stuck on a few occasions! Hopefully more levels in the future! Good job!

One of the reasons to live is to wait for future updates! God Bless you developer-san! I also hope you get a lot of support in the development! And also

need tomboy

Oh and if you want to reset go to:


There should be a folder named "lightsoffgame-1597471368" in the directory. Just delete or move the folder elsewhere and that should  do the trick!

I love this game so much! Thanks for the wonderful work! The interaction was unexpected and amazed me! I'll be checking out other npckc games!

I wonder if we could use the card in the future...

Oh and here's my full blind playthrough I did this afternoon for anyone interested:

Oh shiiii lez go!

I can't seem to get my controller working. How do you set it up? :<

It truly is a cute game! It's worth the play! Caramel did a nice work with the story, art, and music! owo

Thanks for this game! Keith is best bro!

Looking forward to the actual release! I can't wait to get chased in the hallways!

Old Man: *bleeding and thrashed*

Lisa: Are you okay? 

Me: Doesn't look okay to me...

Awesome! The only annoying thing was the girl's actions. I'm just like bruh for real? She acted like those stereotype horror movie characters! xD Looking forward to more action packed ones next time!!

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I admit to making a lot of retakes and google! xD Glad it was pretty close at best! I wasn't able to find the exact fonts so it look kinda messed up in some parts :< 

And thanks for checking the video out! Yay!