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of course you can

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of course

excellent! the color is great I like it a lot.

thanks to you

(I will modify my error, thank you for the info)

yeah the mechanics is really great .. I will admit I do not understand all I do not master Korean ^^.

hi thank! i go directly to try your game !

hey! yes sorry I planned to add animations ... when I have the time I will fill this site! but no worries it will happen!

good job ! thank to you :)

it is pure chance!

it's cool to see these characters come alive and take sword strike on his face :)

hey . Send me an email with wath you want .

yeah ok no problem  , nice to meet you ... me i stay !

thank you, indeed it's time that I lack, but I planned to add more animations and I note the ideas proposed

nice it's fun and thank to use my sprite !

thank you ! if you have any idea of animation do not hesitate to mention it.

thank you , yes have project to do a caster, at the moment is only in my mind :)

Thank you . I take note ,I will probably add other animation in an update but for the moment I am on another project.

hey !  thank you

thank you , Yes it's my next goal it's a boss pack.

thank you

oh thank a lot !!

thank you too

yeah thank you! sure you can modify as you want.

haha ! i didn't see that ! in any case thank you!

thank you, yes I intend to expand the collection.

Haha really thank you §

it is sure i will add more stuff ,not for now but it will come.

Thank to you , for commission send me a mail at

!? no it is not intentional . thanks for the info i'll fix it right now.

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Thanks to you.

I tested your game. really cool what you did,modofications are fin, and good ideas to mix up some animation. Well done !

hello and thank you, I take note but it will not be for now. sorry

of course it's planned, I will add more !( when i have time ).

thank you really !!

Thank you , good Luck for your learning .

Hola ! Si claro

hi and nice work.
your mom is right , you can find lot of free stuff on this site.
keep it up!

ho ! thank you a lot  .

thank you, for the moment I have planned other characters.
but for tileset I don't know yet, I might add props.

ok I note :)

of course. just send an email to talk about it.

masterpiece !! lol thank you