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cj leffie

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this is so cute!!

thank yoU!!!!

ty!!! im glad u liked it :D

omg ty for readin it im glad u liked it!!!

omg??? tysm im glad u liked it!!

ty omg!! thats totally my bad i rlly didnt know how to use EZM when I started making this. after my next project im gonna do an HD remaster of dracula zine so hopefully itll be an easier read after that :3

the textures are??? so cool!!!! and theres so much love put into this 

this is such a beautiful and cool zine!!

this is so cute n relatable i feel most like the lil fella w the tentacle eyes <3

omg i love this!!

thank youuuu !!!

this was so good!

omg this is cool!!

this is so beautiful and fascinating!

thank you sammy I'm so glad u liked it!!

this is so cool!! got so many game recs 

i love it!!!

i made one!!! its not rlly good but idk here

this is so pretty!!


this program sparks immense joy and reminds me of how fun. theinternet used to be when I was eight

this is my favourite zine I have ever read