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Cleetus I

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Okay, this is just assuming that this works the exact same as Wordle (Which it does).

The scenario of you guessing, for instance, "E" as the last letter and it being green, and then guessing "E" in the second to last place and it being yellow in TWO SEPARATE TURNS (Like "E" was ONLY in the last place and green in the first turn and was ONLY in the 4th place and yellow in the second) doesn't translate to there being two of the same letter.

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Yes!  I have been waiting for another game from Portrait Prophecies for forever.  Will leave my opinion after the play.

Post-Game :

If the game ends where I think it does, I love this game.  Even if it doesn't end there, I still love it.  A little hard to pick up on what's going on but once you wrap your mind around it, the game is a masterpiece.  The part with the vending machine is somewhat comical.  I like the reference to another title you released as well.  Overall, awesome stuff and I look forward to seeing more releases!

I FINALLY got impeached.  But only the world meter got down.

This sums up my weekend

angy fish

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So level 3 literally is impossible, even sprinting it won't let me get to that 3rd platform

Wirte oury moccet


This guy's situation is relatable


I also experienced the bug with the plain white screen.  This is usually the part where I give a fix but I haven't found one.  Oh well.

Lack of patience makes people hate this game, which is a bit unfair.  It isn't the game's fault, it's yours. Think about it for a second, you personally don't like how slow it is.  I don't mind the slowness because I am very patient.  Simple solution : Be Patient.  Your mind doesn't need to have constant blood, gore, or chases to enjoy a horror game.

The bump in difficulty is a little unbalanced.

Yo I scammed 279 people by calling them naughty.

Funny concept, but I wish you were able to go for longer and that the game had more challenges or gimmicks.

I found this in the funny category.  As soon as the man asked to turn off the radio, I turned it back on after letting him.

I tried these excuses for my girlfriend.  Ended up in an insane asylum.  Internet can't be trusted?

I barely beat hardmode.  You have to execute everything almost perfectly.  I had 1 second left and I only crashed once.

Nice game.

I like how he gradually stretches as he falls.

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The mouse won't lock into the game window, which causes me to lose consistently.  This is still the best game I've ever played.

Like the game, how many endings are there?

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Levels 21 and 28 are very difficult.  I like the concept and the execution is flawless.  Perfect puzzle game!

Like the concept, but the jump button is a bit inconvenient.  Other than that small factor, this is really well made.

Nice and creepy.  Like the reference to Episode 1 btw ;)

Hilarious twist. Good job, man.

Pretty creepy :)

The endings make feels go zoom. Good game. 

Still like this game.

The ending is relatable.  On an unrelated note... how do I unlock a basement door and call the police without hands?

Relatable tbh

I prefer Shrek Wars : Battleswamp 2

Or the Lego Shrek Wars : The SwampWalker Saga

When the game is the same as your name

kitty go boom


There are random lag spikes that consistently happen whenever my gauge is almost full that prevents me from beating the game.

Made in scratch, yeah?