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Clay Head

A member registered Nov 15, 2021

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I dig it. 

I'm interested to find out what the Red riding hood connection is here. I enjoyed blasting her with the power washer. Thank you for letting us do that. 馃槅

That was pretty butt clenching. Nice work! :)

You got me pretty good. Nice work.

Nicely done here. It strangely reminded me of that old rugrats game on one of the earlier Playstation consoles, or whatever it was on. It somehow unearthed some childhood memories for me. I have no reason for why that is, but thank you.

I played "The Shopping List" a while back, and I loved that game, and you made another banger here. NICE JOB JORDAN. 馃憗馃憚馃憗

It was a bit of a slow burn for me because I failed to acknowledge some of the cues right away, but it got heart rate up there towards the end. Nice work. 馃檪馃憤

I didn't really get it, but it did feel Silent Hill inspired, so I had a good time. 馃檭

 I enjoyed the unfolding story. You did well keeping up the mystery until the end.

I like where you're going with it. 馃檪馃憤

They touched it. 

I got roached.

I had a good time. ;)

I wasn't ready for a horror game today.  It got to me probably more than it should. Nice work. 馃槄

I had a good time with this one. My soul left my body more than once with those scares. 

I'm a big boy now. Nice job. 馃榾

I played this a few days ago, and had a different thumbnail at the time, but I let AI redesign it for fun (assuming that I don't change it again). Anyway, this is AI Mooshie apparently.

 I had fun with with this one! Thanks for making it. 

His moobs were too much for me.

I had never seen the japanese commercial in the game. it made an impression. 馃槄

Not what I expected, but I had fun with it. 馃檪馃憤

I had a really good time. Nice work!

I like a nice short experience from time to time. Good work!

The dad jokes were my favorite part. 馃槃 Also, you reminded me of one of my favorite films, so thank you for the throw back! 馃檪馃憤

Last time I paid any attention to this game was when it was a demo, and wow! I was not prepared for it. 馃槄

That bit in the hallway was probably favorite part. It was tasteful keeping the threat veiled throughout the game.

Those balls were very sticky

Good ol' Garfield.

Thanks for the scares! Happy Halloween! 馃巸

It's weird not seeing any videos posted here. Did you delete them? It was really good! I'm excited to see where you take this. 馃檪馃憤

Nice work Lixian. 馃憤
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I had a couple beers before I played this, and I was not prepared for it. Thank you for the good times. 馃槂馃憤

Those gas prices tho.. 

You got me good. Nice work.

It is exactly what it says it is. 馃憤

Thank you for the scares and nostolgia! 馃檪馃憤

Oh, good to know! Although, I'm glad I was able to work my way through it on my own, even if it took a while. 馃槄 You did a good job of rewarding players for being observant. 馃檪