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Hey! I backed this book on Kickstarter many years ago and then I forgot to get the reward when the time came. The message I got on Kickstarter says I should insert a code on the website, but I don't see where I could do that? Can anyone help me out with this?

This is really cool! Amazing idea and execution. The only problem for me is that I felt a little dizzy, but it's probably just a me thing. And I had trouble with the music a little bit, sometimes when replaying a level the song would only start halfway through the level and I would only hear the sound effects of hitting the ball at the right time. That aside, great job!

cute as always! i love these characters!

This was really cool! I really enjoyed the story and the execution. Terrific work!

This was really nice! I would have liked it more if there was a history menu option or an option to rollback the dialogue since a couple of times I clicked twice by accident and missed a line of dialogue. Other than that, I really like the art and animation! It's really cute!

I laughed so hard at the cucumber part 😂. This was great!

I loved it! Really cute, again!And I really like the story.

short and sweet! i'm ready to play the next one

That's really cool!

this was really cute and fun and i loved it!

this was a really interesting game with clever mechanics. i loved it!

This was nice! I'm happy I got the good ending first try. The shaky hand is so funny 😂

This was cute and fun!

this was nice! i loved the ace rep!

I had a lot of fun playing this! It was all very cute! Good job!

Oh that makes sense! Thanks!

This is really fun so far! And it looks so good? The music and sound effects are great too. Congratulations!

The only problem I had was that I used only quick save the first time I played the game, and when I opened it again and clicked on "Continue", it was like I hadn't used any saving method at all! I had to start again (thankfully I could skip the lines, but I still had to re-do the investigation and some other stuff).

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This is really fun! I can't seem to get endings 5 and 6 though 😢

short and sweet!

the only complaint i have is that i'd like to staple bread to benches as well. other than that good game

This was super cute! I love the story too!

this is so cute.... and so so so sad.... and relatable 😭 and the art is the most beautiful!

I got three of the four endings and I'd like to know which one I missed! Can someone spoil me please? Hahaha.

Also, great game, it's amazing how a short game like this can pack so much emotion.

OMG you are absolutely amazing. I'll be using this on some personal projects (and crediting you, of course!) THANK YOU SO MUCH