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nice game

very good game

I stabbed mauppi, he bleeds.

nice, but hella shor

there is a pretty big bug with the bunger stand where the ingredients seem to be in infinite supply

Finally got to play after all these years, and its a very nice time.

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how do you re pickup the bucket, also is there a way to mute?

how do you load a save into your game

do you have a discord?

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otherwise great game, also sorry for bombarding you with stuff, and with the level up thing it would kick off to level screen before i could get anything...

and with the books, i didn't have any of the buildings needed to get them, i thought it was a star mage perk

also the enemies have a little EXP thing almost as if when you kill them you gain EXP, but you don't

also also what happened to blissworf ):

also some levels benefits I can't get

also some quest won't show up after it went away the first time, is this intended?

oh yeah also the books aren't showing up... /:

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it takes WAY to long to shake off a weakening curse , those weakening curses REALY slow down the game A LOT.

its fixed, but what happened is I got an upgrade from lvl 40, and after reloading the effect from that upgrade went away

so I reach level 40 and upgraded, reload my game

and now it's bugged out, what was meant to happen didn't

try different endpoint combinations

it took me an hour

ooktook me awhile

alternant title "better flappy bird with a dog"

pretty nice but simple unfolding incremental.

very nice

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very nice.

the game's alright, but what does the collides do...what are they for.

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why does the "play wheel combo" only increase light per second by 1, that's useless. oh yeah and the game is great.

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very dope. BUT the faster donations only decrease time by ~2.5% per level!!!                     ):<<<<<

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great game but I must ask, if there's an ending then why is the gaem still in development.

alright best of luck

pretty good

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great game. but I'd advise putting in a tutorial in the game like first thing.

great and original game.

I think it will turn out to be great little game.

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good game even without all the...nsfw stuff.

great game. tho I do feel the the prices rise to fast. otherwise very good game.


a pretty good game that I haven't played

not bad. but also not very good :/

really fun game, but almost broke my computer. otherwise really fun and interesting.

I had fun to the end.

очень хорошая игра даже если я не говорю по русски но я попробовал

very good gam