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I'm afraid I can't give refunds, you'll have to contact Itch support for that

Glad you like it!

Feel free to DM me on Discord about it, since messages aren't a thing on Itch for some reason

Glad you're enjoying!

Thank you for your very kind words

No I have not played Terminator Resistance, those similarities are merely coincidences

Bro I don't deserve such nice words

I've uploaded a new version with fixed sex scenes

Some people have reported black screens on android, I'm looking into what the cause could be

That is indeed the case

Oh my bad.

I usually take a little break after an update so I don't have a lot to show right now

There was an update two weeks ago

No, not until it's finished

Contact Itch about it, I don't control how it works

Season 2 has a lot to go still

Just forgot to change their names

Thank you!

The updates won't come to Steam I'm afraid.  Only when all of Season 2 is finished

Both Season 1 and Season 2 is included for $10 for now

Thanks friend

Yes if you bought Season 1 you'll get the Season 2 updates as well. This is only until Season 2 is finished, then it will get its own price

You'll get access to Season 2 updates if you buy Season 1. However when Season 2 is finished and put on Steam, I will put a separate price on it

It's coming to Steam too

Her boobs bounce a lot on the roof

Just keep clicking after the credits, it's the bonus scene

For now you get both Season 1 and any Season 2 updates for $10, however when Season 2 is finished I will put a separate price on it

Thank you friend

For the moment you get access to both Season 1 and 2 if you buy it, but when Season 2 is finished I will have to put a separate price on it


Steam has exclusive achievements and community items, nothing more than that

Steam will only get the full seasons, Itch will get updates

Seasons will be priced separately

Are you playing 0.8 and trying to load a save from 0.4.1? You can't do that, only saves from the end of 0.7 will work in 0.8

The second scene is the bonus scene at the very end

Anyone who's bought the game will have access to coming Season 2 updates, but when Season 2 is finished I will have to put a separate price on it.

If you want to pirate the game I could care less, but don't go around calling me immoral after I've actively spent development time trying to help you as best I can

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I'm not trying to cheat anyone. I've already tried to help you by answering your questions to the best of my knowledge, as well as replying to the comment you posted on Steam with the offer of a free Itch key, which I have yet to receive a reply to

As far as I know you should get access as long as you pay the remainder of the price, but if you want a safer answer you're better off contacting Itch support about this stuff rather than the devs themselves

Go to Tollorix first

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\Steam\steamapps\common\Projekt Passion\game\saves

Thanks man, appreciate it! Consider leaving a Steam review if you ever feel like supporting me further :)

Thanks friend, glad you enjoyed

He said many

Next year sometime, it's too early to tell