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I was one of the first people to make a video on the original demo. Nice to see the full version! Been waiting a while for this!



This game was really disturbing and creepy. I love it! 😂

Honestly a great game. Maybe needs a little work on that ending jumpscare tho lol. But other than that it's really well made!
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This game was so disturbing! I loved it so much but there was a bug that restarted my game for some reason. I'm not sure why it did that but other than that it was a great game and I really enjoyed it! Thanks for reading!

this game was so scary i literally could not breath

I've screamed at this more than any other game on my channel what

They didn't even try to hide it as well

I finally get to playing yet another puppet combo game on my channel! This one was mad disturbing!

wow this game was harder than expected

it was short but amazing

amazing but short horror gam
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This game was intense and scary! I loved it! You should try it out! If your not sure if you want to, watch the video i made on it!

If your looking for a game to scream a lot in, this is most likely the game for you. This is the third video I've made on this game, that's how good it is.

This game was crazy funny and had some genuine scares in it too! Although I will not be making a video on this, I still think its good enough for videos to be uploaded on it. I give the game an 10/10 in funny and 6.3/10 in scares! Nice to see you back germfood

what are the system requirements?

Raise your hand if you remember the day CoryxKenshin made a video on this

This game was disturbing and sad. So then I proceed to make a video. Your welcome.

I loved it, it gave me one of the hardest jumpscares I've had in a while! 8.5/10

Who remembers when Markiplier played this back in the day?


How long have you been watching him? I've been watching since he played FNAF 2 because that was a big game at the time and once I watched one of his videos, I couldn't stop.

I beat it lol

This game was soooo scary! Part 2 soon!

Try re installing it

nice pun


i bought it last week (mainly for night shift and feed me billy)

Try deleting the file and reinstalling it. If that doesn't work then I don't know

baldi but with keys and scarier 

This was a good game! I do have one request though, for the beginning part I would consider making it easier to see the fish. If you could do that, then it would be amazing. For now I give it a 4.3/5 star :)  

your welcome!

The video is out and in the comments