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Thanks! I'm working on it all the time, check the new version on Gamejolt and join the Discord.

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Same project, just different default content.

yes. working on it almost every day

Thank you! Much more to come.

Thanks for the video!



Funny! That'll get fixed.

Thanks for feedback! I got some of these on the way.

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Hit ctrl to change your controls. Or press that big keyboard/controller button on the main menu or in the lobby.

and you're sure you deleted everything, the super clash bros windows folder and the zip folder before redownloading?

Are you running Windows in english?

hey check out my latest devlog here. try that and let me know.


which version?

which version? Browser or Win or Mac or Linux?

Thanks! It all depends on how big the update is, a completely new character could take over 2 weeks. But I've got another smaller update coming today actually. 

And you can vote for Samus here if you want (this one's public/free to vote in, you don't have to be a patron to vote).

Hmm, maybe! I'm not sure how much work that would be for me due to the way I set up a lot of things in the game.

So just fyi, another guy said he fixed this by just closing/reopening the tab.

Ok well this should be fixed in the next update coming up. 

Oh wow, thanks for showing me. Did this happen after you finished a horde infection match?

Did you try the desktop version? If so I'd like to know if it works for you, thanks.

Thanks for telling me! Which OS are you running?

Thanks buddy! 

  • yep I still need to work on the slopes. Actually that particular area where Sonic is stuck I can do a quick duct tape fix for that for the next update I think
  • I'll be using some custom Luigi SMB1 sprites with green/white fire suit and a taller/thinner head. I'll add Sonic Mania sprites too. Maybe MM7 Megaman, he'd be a different character though with a different weapon set. I've already started on Megaman X too.
  • all versions of Mario bros do actually have their spin jump, it's Action 3 (B on Xbox controller), and it beats out Sonic's spin attack jump.
  • Oh thanks, yeah if you could get me a better version of that song that'd be great. It's the Get Weapon track from Megaman 3.