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Great game, I loved the SCP vibe, reminded me a lot of Gemini Home Entertainment and The Mandela Catalogue. The mystery aspect was really good, and I was very tense throughout most of the game. 

No problem thank you for watching!

yes lol its the room after the statues

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Loved this game, I love games in this style, Simulacra, Sara Is Missing, Emily Is Away (which I can tell this is most likely the biggest inspiration), all great games in such a specific genre and this game goes along with them really well. I know you don't want spoilers so I will keep it brief, but I really enjoyed the puzzles, they were really creative, and made you feel good when you solved them. 

I'm very much looking forward to a sequel and anything else you come up with.

they are all very doable just gotta put your mind to it, pay attention to the blood from the fountain, and you can click on the banners in the statue room

The fountain makes the letters when you press the right order of buttons correlating with the symbols

Really good game, I bought this when it came out (twice by accident lol) and played it, then i wasnt sure how i felt about the recording so i just sat on it for awhile but I decided what the hell and threw this video together, great job I hope y'all decide to do more horror ps1 style games in the future this was an awesome game.

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This game is awesome, I hope you decide to make another one like it at some point.

Michael played your game at 1:06:31, it was really funny, I originally wasn't going to add it to the video because I didn't think I could do much with the footage we got but I made it work and I think it made for some funny moments.

Michael played your game at 19:34, it definitely gave us some funny moments lol. 

I played your game at 45:35, I thought it was really interesting I had fun playing it, I understand why the "Horror" is in quotes though, not too scary and I have arachnophobia. Overall a pretty cool game with a good message about making sure to take care of yourself.

Mathew Played this game but it was pretty long so I cut it up and spread it all throughout the video check the timestamps or the description to see the whole game. He actually thought it was pretty unnerving towards the middle during the creepy doll video, that was really well made, this whole game is honestly, this is definitely worth the price.

This looks amazing, I will 100% be playing this for our YouTube channel once my cold dies down a little. Much love.

It's honestly super interesting to see how far AI has come, so yeah this is really fun, i had some questions though, will there be more models added in the future? or is there like a submission page for models? I kinda wish there were more environments too, but overall i really like this game, at 3am it blew my mind how responsive these characters were. Most fun I've had recording in a while.

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Played it and I just got done making my own patient, This game is really interesting. AI is really cool. 

Edit: My patient is named Rigor Mortis if you wanna check it out.

my second video, on the game, I finally beat it, This game is great and really surprises me with its quality. I never saw a tulpa or a priest though, so idk if those are in the game or I just got lucky? Regardless it was still a really good game and I'd love to play it again if you add things. If you do add more stuff and you remember please let me know with a message I'll happily make another video on the game.
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ROACH/10 would never play again.

Edit: after watching others play I've now realized I didn't finish the game considering how basically none of the doors were interactable I just assumed that was the ending and the key was a troll to get you to walk up and trigger the roach jumpscare. Oops

No offense I'm sure you are a horror aficionado, but I've got a feeling these games aren't meant to be taken seriously.

Here's my first video on the game, I honestly was really surprised by the quality of this game, I'm yet to beat it but from what I've seen so far this is really good at capturing the uncanny feeling mandela catalogue gives you. I did however lose my first hour of playtime footage because as you'll hear me explain at the beginning, my mic decided not to record any of my voice. 

I've played your game, and it made my face do strange things... great game tho 

I kept wanting to move the camera to look directly in front of me but it was locked to the ground, I think the best fix would be to zoom out actually, I ended up walking by lot of ingredients that I only noticed while editing my vid. The bike controls were very sensitive, yeah I was using the W key to go forward unless that's wrong,  I was able to get the hang of it at the end there but when I first got on the bike I had no clue how to drive it that's why in most of the video I opted to just walk around. It's kind of hard to explain, but I kept trying to turn by moving my camera. I just hopped back into the game to test out the scooter controls again and I think they are fine now I think it was just the sensitivity that threw me off I'm not sure if lowering that would fix it or if I'm just stupid. Hope you don't take that dookie comment to heart lol I can see the hard work that went into this game.

I honestly really loved this game, I'd totally buy a full game in this style from you, my only issue was the camera angle I think, it's hard to see any ingredients in the distance. Super cool game though and I had a lot of fun editing the video afterwards. 

Played your game i think it was interesting lol, the second ending was kinda dumb imo, but it got some scares out of me, pretty impressive game for a 16 year old hope you make more.

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played both games, those cannibals annoyed the shit out of me but other than that good troll horror game, ignore any videos about cooking corn that may or may not show up in between games

Edit: actually fuck that flashlight meter, that should not be in the game lol especially if you want people to record your game, cant see shit.

Kinda spooky, if this game doesn't make you shit your pants the Taco Bell will.

it's the second game, mathew got scared by rabbit

Creepy game, First one i played

i drank 
i drank the water.

amazing game, I loved the puzzles and the atmosphere :)

its a floaterrrrrrr


Watch my video or i'm shidding in your toilet

(funny and scary game btw made me jump lol)

Did you try putting it in rice

we love cheese....duh dum
we love cheese....duh dum.....

I was looking for something short and spooky, this did the trick, nice game :)

Michael played your game at 48:02 he screamed a couple times haha 

Mathew Played your game at 30:37, it's one of the only times i've seen him actually scared lmao, nice job :)

I played your game at 26:30, it gave me a few scares lol.

Mathew played your game at 13:36, we had a little trouble with the detection of picking things up but other than that we had a fun time lol.

Michael played your game, it's the first game you can't miss it :)