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Kinda spooky, if this game doesn't make you shit your pants the Taco Bell will.

it's the second game, mathew got scared by rabbit

Creepy game, First one i played

i drank 
i drank the water.

amazing game, I loved the puzzles and the atmosphere :)

its a floaterrrrrrr


Watch my video or i'm shidding in your toilet

(funny and scary game btw made me jump lol)

Did you try putting it in rice

we love cheese....duh dum
we love cheese....duh dum.....

I was looking for something short and spooky, this did the trick, nice game :)

Michael played your game at 48:02 he screamed a couple times haha 

Mathew Played your game at 30:37, it's one of the only times i've seen him actually scared lmao, nice job :)

I played your game at 26:30, it gave me a few scares lol.

Mathew played your game at 13:36, we had a little trouble with the detection of picking things up but other than that we had a fun time lol.

Michael played your game, it's the first game you can't miss it :)

It was promising at the beginning but it went from scary to rage inducing, i was just fighting with the sprint meter the whole time, and having to find like 3 randomly placed things while dodging a train was too much for me ig, cool concept tho

This is the most scared ive felt playing a horror game maybe ever, something so eerie about the environment and the hallways towards the end being dead silent while the command prompt shows whats being spawned in. i would usually record horror games but for some reason i just decided to play this for no reason and i think that made it scarier, my heart was beating man good job

hold on, why the hell is this game 15gb

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Me and Juliana Played it, It's the third game in this video, I personally liked it, pretty spooky atmosphere, when the mannequins are right outside your door after the third of fourth runback, it made me jump, and its also really polished, definitely worth the 2 bucks lol thanks for making it

Second game, Somehow Mathew beat it first try lol, I played it before him and got the crap scared out of me though, genuinely can't wait for episode 2, I love this game's atmosphere.

Cool concept lol, Michael just about shit himself😂

It's the first game in  the vid, you can't miss it.

no problem lol, keep making games :)


This Game has changed my life.

Remove the V Joy driver from your control panel, its what fixed mine

it would probably be something similar then i assume, keep searching, i had to dig for my answer

wow...i hope you get left home alone and mom leaves you some lasagna..

it says, pay your own price, so if you want to pay for it and donate, you can

hey, same thing happened to me, its most likely the V-joy driver, usually used for like gamecube controllers and stuff, uninstalled it and it went back to normal

its based off a true story so idk why youd differ from that all that much, kinda defeats the point