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Hey thank you for your interest. Unfortunately Room 669 won't  be available on mac. It was a student project and all team members are already working on new projects. I'm really sorry.

Hey, we are sorry to hear this, but we can guarantee that we did not include a virus. Since you are the first one to complain, this is probably a local problem of your system. You should check it up.

Hey, thank you very much for playing our game. We are happy that you like it :)

We are sorry that the game is unplayable for you. Unfortunately, we were limited in resources in the development and was not able to implement any options. Maybe tuning the mouse sensitivity of your computer will work?

Nevertheless, thank you for considering playing our game.

Team Arcane Bards

Thank you for playing our game und recommending the Game Developers World Championship. I will review the subject with my whole team. Let´s see what will happen ^^

hey sorry for the long wait ^^' unfortunately Room 669 won't  be available on mac, the project is completed and all team members are already working on new projects. I'm sorry, but thanks for your interest in our game :)