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There's no walkthrough. I considered it, but decided it was pretty easy to see what stat path the player was on by watching the bars climb. If you have any questions about finding bad endings or whatnot you can ask me here or on one of my socials

Yep the next two routes reveal more about the shadow, who they are and what they want 

I'd say about 4-6 months. I release monthly updates over on Tumblr

Hello! Felix has his own route. When I originally wrote the demo, Felix had two routes, but I decided that might be too repetitive. I later introduced a new character who wasn't in the demo - Atlas. 

But because of the way I wrote the demo and storyline, Felix was still heavily involved in that path of the story. He needed to be around. 

So Atlas' route is mostly his own, with some optional scenes with Felix.

Felix's solo route (released next) will be his proper route. It will delve deeper into who he is and explore his and Nova's relationship beyond the surface level shown in Atlas' route.

I hope that's cleares up some confusion!

Hi, Felix actually gets his own route which will be released next so this one is primarily Atlas' route with a side of Felix. If you've filled Felix's affection point bar on the left of the screen you'll unlock endings with Felix but you won't be able to properly romance him until the next release,  sorry!

Yeah, that is an error, I'll fix it in the next update. Thanks for the heads up

Hi, so the fake ambassador used his real name since strained tensions between the two countries meant there never was an ambassador before that moment. 

It was supposed to be suspicious that an unexpected ambassador should just show up one day, it was a trap for Nova. The antagonist knew the royal family would use Nova's abilities to uncover the truth.

I agree he should have used a fake name, but I wanted to keep it simple by not changing the names up so early into the story. 

I hope this helped 

awesome thanks, 👍 I'd tested part of the game with transition effects turned off and missed this one. 

Will be patched in next update!

If you find any errors or bugs, please post them here with as much information regarding where you found it: 

which route/or demo, 

what happens,

or take a screenshot and upload it here and I'll try and find it and fix in an update.

Thanks for your help xx

aww thank you 😊 

Thanks! Full game is coming along at a decent pace - you can see progress here.

Thank-you! :)

Hi! What a wonderful comment, you're spot on - I borrowed much from the real life events that plagued the early 20th century leading up to the Great War. However, it is far, far too big a subject to cover in a single otome game, so I tried to pick the important themes. I left out the Spanish Flu, for example since we're all well over it after experiencing our own pandemic.

As for the LIs - I guess we have the same tastes!

Thank-you! I'll have the errors fixed in next update - must have missed them in my run through, thanks for letting me know. 

Hey, thanks for the feedback! Font will be fixed in next update.

Cheers for commenting, I did wonder about the font - might be worth simplifying in next update. 


Thank you! I'm sure you'll enjoy Alasdair too, quirks and all.

I'm happy to hear it!

I'm pleased! Alasdair seems to be popular, good thing I've got big plans for him...

Thanks so much for the lovely comment!


Hi, thanks for the comment, I'm happy you like my little game! I agree with you on the backgrounds, I wanted them to be simple but I think they've come out a little flat instead. I'll look into adding more dimension for the final product.