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I like this! Really simple and fun.

Hey! I think a full version of this game would be pretty cool.

One thing I think could be improved is the smartphone. Now, this is just my opinion, but I think putting UI in a gadget/phone is cute, but something about it feels a bit uncomfortable to me. Not sure how this could be improved, but just putting it out there.

Since making jam and putting it on different dishes is the thing you'll be doing most, I think it would be a cool idea to put some little challenge into actually making the food. Something like pressing a button at the right time in order to stir it to make it better (or something like that). Even though this is supposed to be a nice, relaxing game, I think putting something more into the core mechanics to engage players would be awesome!

Nice job! It's super easy to learn, but it's nice and difficult too!

Will do, thanks!

Would you mind if this was used in a commercial project?

XD I started watching your stream and then realized I messed up the controls in the game description! It's fixed now, but I wouldn't have realized it if I hadn't watched your stream. Thanks!

I'm glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for letting me know about the bug.

I had a fun time playing this game! I finished with 198 pumpkins :)

Thanks for the feedback!

Loved it! I really liked the polish and little things like screen shake; they really add to the experience.

I've updated the project's page to make controls and things a bit more clear. I forgot to mention a few things that people will need to know :P

When the chef hat didn't produce something, were you right next to the obnoxious smoke/dust particles? You may have gotten the food without knowing it (because there's no sfx for it yet). On the other hand, it could be a real bug. Thanks for the feedback, I really appreciate it!

Nice job! I really liked the multiple parallax backgrounds.

I probably wasn't clear enough; the point is to have to hit the ceiling in order to start falling again. I'll change the game's description to be more clear. Thanks for the feedback!

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Nice! the wiggling blob boss was a nice touch. The movement was neat, too. At first I thought it would be impossible to control, but when I got into it, I found the movement wasn't actually that difficult! Nice job. (Note: I accidentally posted this comment 3 times but then deleted the extra ones. sorry about that)

Hey! That was really fun! I really liked the alternate paths you can take. The visuals reminded me of the ending of a Super Mario Bros. 3 level, which was really cool. Another thing with the visuals-  I think the fact that everything wasn't just part of the same terrain (you had stacks of blocks, different circles, squares, etc) was a part of the game that made me want me play to the end. Some constructive criticism- the camera felt a bit weird, trying to shift ahead of the player(good), but only shifting when the player was moving(bad) also I totally get it- you only had two weeks to make the game. Overall good game- short, sweet, and with more stuff to do once you're done.

Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks for the feedback! I appreciate it.

Thank you!