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I tried to play but the controls were way too laggy and there was nothing i could do if I accidentally tried to grab one object and ended up accidentally pushing a random paper into the shredder

Great game. I, myself, wasn't necessarily afraid of getting sick, but I did hate going out for fear that I might have covid without knowing it and spread it to others and ultimately be the reason someone else died.

Fun game. I was tricked at first by the letters on the keypad that seemed worn off. 

Great game. The carnage is SWEET (in more ways than one lol). If you have any plans to expand on this, I would suggest maybe adding temporary power ups, achievements, and/or donut truck customization. 5/5

Wow! This is super cool and super well thought out.

I WON!?!?!?!

Thank you for the encouragement, Unity-chan

Sigh... love is such a war

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I would suggest you make reverse options for some of the pieces. Some of them have rotational symmetry but can't be flipped, so there should either be an option to flip them or there should be the reverse pieces added

loved it. very cute game

I love it!!!!!

Very cute :)

Agghhh love it but it's pretty hard

Me too. I lost my dog back in late september and it's still hard but it does slowly get better. 

I first played this maybe about 5 months ago and just thought it was nice. However, my dog has died since then, so playing it again today made me cry, but the game also felt sweet in a whole new way.

Great. Thanks for letting me know. Good luck with your game development!

cute and funny

this is what the problem looks like

I absolutely love this game. The problem solving and strategy elements are done really well. I'm currently experiencing an issue though. On puzzle 5 of the highway section, I click the level, it starts out saying "Build 12 houses" in the middle of the screen, but the words on the bottom then say "Build 8 houses" but in the building menu, I am only given 7. I have tried to just play it, but once I build 7 houses, it will not let me build any more but the level says it still needs 1 more house to finish. Is there way for me to potentially change up some settings and fix this, or is this a general bug?

Thanks for the hint! I figured it out

The concept seems awesome so far, but I can't seem to figure out the password for the medical supplies

Great game. Super hard though

Ok, thanks

I clicked all three buttons in the opening screen but they all fall away and then nothing happens. Is it supposed to be like this?

Also, I found it much easier at times to keep my eyes closed so that the visuals wouldn't throw me off.

I LOVE this. As a musical person, I enjoy the mental challenge of timing myself with the rhythm as well as using both the visual and auditory cues. I honestly though my sense of rhythm was excellent, but this game has proven that I definitely need some practice. Great job!

As someone who deals with this, I thought the depiction was really good. I haven't had thoughts like "you're worthless" or "pulling hair is the only thing you know how to do", and I don't do it out of frustration, but in general, I thought the portrayal of 'the voice inside your head' and the thoughts that come from it were super accurate. 

I also liked how as you go on the hairs get scarcer and scarcer because it reminds me a bit of what my shins look like - multiple bald patches and lots of blunt ends. 

I thought this was great and hope more people take a look at this.