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but seriously though, every time i get a notif that this has updated I get so excited and every time the update ends up being even better than I expect

when I say hey there after choosing to help avett, all i get is an error which is especially problematic since this story has no back button. A back button that goes back at least one or two pages would be a good addition

The lack of nsfw games aimed at women is incredibly severe, so thank you so much for participating in bridging that gap.I played all routes + the true ending and I liked the game so much. All the people in the comments complaining about the content are being kinda silly for not understanding that there is nothing particularly immoral about different sexual preferences (especially the ones in the game which were relatively ordinary). I loved all of the emotional connection with the characters - imo that makes the sexy parts even better and I was really satisfied with all of the animated scenes too. I wasn't into everything that was in the game but really liked that all the characters had distinct, human personalities. Great Job. 11/10

Great so far. Are there ways yet to get with the teachers or bartenders?

very cute <3

Very spooky. I love the art style!

Looking forward to where this is going

read thru the demo kinda quick and this is probs the fastest I have ever decided to buy something. I'm gonna finish this later when I have the attention span to enjoy the full thing properly

Ooooh, so excited abt were this is going!!!!

Ulrich is interested in Tala too??????? Damn... I wanted to keep him to myself.

yay yay yay new update. love ulrich and am vv curious abt why only he and MC seem to have this extra sense

Does it not work in firefox? I've been trying and the screen loads, but the only thing that happens is the bat closes its eyes if I hover over it. Nothing is clickable

ok, I'll give that a go. Thanks for the help

nope. I'm on a windows computer. Might my firefox browser be an issue?

it was in browser. 

My only complaint is that I wish there were more levels. Great game!

I love this so far but the save button does absolutely nothing. When clicked, an image will appear as if a save has been made but when you go back to the story and then check the saves again, it's completely empty.

OOOOOHHHH BOYYYYY. It's gotten even better!!!

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I'm trying to figure out how to play but clicking does nothing - nvm figured it out, nice graphics btw

It took me a while to realize that the point is that you cant win. Such is the fate of a crash-test dummy.

Fun so far!

The switching around of acts confused me a bit and there were a couple of places where the section was the same but the continuity felt off, the only major one I can think of is when it refers to the pet, Chino, as a dog and a cat in the same sentence.


I totally love this!!!!

I get distracted and bored really easily, but the plot was super engaging and overall, it's really well written. You've got a diamond in the rough; this piece has a lot of potential and I look forward to seeing where it goes. Great work. I've been reading a lot of interactive fiction lately and so far, this is among my favorites.


Looks promising but here are some issues - the kneel vs stay standing in the very beginning are reversed - if you click kneel, it proceeds with the stay standing choice and vice versa. Additionally, there is an error message after both choices when you choose whether or not to forge your own weapon when sparring with Jorin.

Fun, but I certainly did not expect it to go in the direction it did

Bruh... I was already going to comment on how great this game and storyline were, every time I thought it was nearing the end, there was another twist, but now that I've reached the end, I'm legit tearing up. This was so well written and engaging. There were several times I had to remind myself to stop and get some homework done because I just wanted to keep going. To be honest, although the puzzle aspect was good, the story was so good that I just wanted to skip the puzzles to find out what happened next.

This has def been out quite a while. First time I saw this was on Newgrounds many months ago

Oh Oliver... the things that I would do for (and to) him.

They look cute so imma just age down the guys over the age of 40 in my mind. Idk man??? I'm only like 20 and not interested in older men but the game looks cute

FDGFGFDFGGF can totally relate

I don't know how I did it but I somehow got to level 23.

I loved this puzzle. It wasn't so hard that at any point I felt like I needed to give up but was more than hard enough to stay interesting. Great job!

Ok. Thanks for the suggestion. Otherwise, I've been loving it so far.

is there any way to get hints without the puzzle being spoiled? For example, one of the rooms I'm stuck on is the one with blue screens. I don't understand how they work or what their purpose is and I've been trying for quite some time.

I'm having a difficult time understanding the mechanic in row g. could you maybe explain how that one works?

Oh wait, i got it, my dumb ass forgot that i don't have to transform ALL of them

Well heck, I can't get past the level in the first game screenshot

I love this so much. Would def enjoy playing more of it.

The hints website won't work for me. I tried turning off my firewall, but that didn't work either. How do I get the website to work so I can find the hints. Im really stuck on smth DX

OMG 20