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nom nom nom

The only thing that could make this better would be if "power bottom" was an option

Fun and funny, great puzzle game.

Epic game!


ok, thx Ill try it again

Hmm. Still doesn't work. Thanks for the help tho.

Love, love, love this. Great concept and great gameplay.

epic!!! I loved it and the combat wasn't too difficult for me either. I usually tend to struggle with it

he keeps swinging the stuff around everywhere. It's so hard! DX

I play as female with preference for males. When I visit madrana and select male preference, suddenly it converts me to being male too. It also makes me male when I go to the males' side of the hot springs. Additionally, when I invite Velani to my room, Velani becomes female even though I originally selected male and does not go back to being male until after everything is over.

So cute!!! I love the concept.

and now the high level too!

yayyyy, I beat both the low level and medium level ai accuracy

yea, i found it, felt kinda stupid for missing it in such an obvious place lol

great sequel! liked the first one and liked this even more

Can't figure out how to get the red square for the box. I thought I could just take it off the keypad but I guess I was wrong

Escape pod? I've only gotten as far as seeing the creature but don't know how to open that door. Which is the escape pod room because none of the rooms I've seen look like escape pods.

how do i disable the generator to open the door? ive looked everywhere I can so far, am I missing anything?

Super cute game with fun content. 10/10


49!!!!!!!! I'm getting there. Just gotta keep flinging

77 WOOO if I'm young enough, I might make it out of prison alive

Even though there are no high scores and there is no timer, I feel the need to keep playing again and again. There aren't enough words in my vocabulary to describe how satisfying this game is, and I have a pretty big vocabulary.

Got down to 91. Damn, is this even beatable?

i think I found another one

Did I find a special rare color?

Yasss got 5000

Die, family!!!!!! How dare you have a picnic without me?!?!?!?

I'm looking forward to playing this eventually, but I'm curious to know, is the protagonist/player given a gender, is it choose-able, or entirely neutral and unspecified?

great concept, would have liked it to be a little longer, but that's because I enjoyed it

Great concept but the puzzles were a little too hard

I pinched all the people who complained. As a girl with a lot of body hair, I appreciate this

Super cute game, and I love the puzzle concept.

12 days, agh, it's agonizing but such a clever game

He is definitely one of those people who asks questions that have no good answers and then is upset with you for your answer even there was nothing you could have said in response that wouldn't elicit a negative reaction

The music is so groovy

Great game. The slow countdown makes it easier for people like me who process things a bit slowly yet the game still maintains a great combat and a great logic concept

*yeets laptop out bedroom window* SSETH Y U GOTTA BE SUCH A BITCH