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Hey, it looks like a cool game, but using a .rar file is a little inconvenient and might turn away people who want to use the Itch app to download (it doesn't seem to support .rar files). 

I would just extract it, but then it won't show up in my library on the Itch app.

Awesome and addictive game! I found that all the ghosts stopped when I stopped when I was in what seemed to be the edge of the map (the bottom-left area).

Ah, I was thinking Ctrl+Return to run it, but it's ok if you're not developing it anymore!

This is great! I would suggest adding (possibly customizable) keyboard shortcuts, for saving and running, etc.

Love it! Your idea was very well conveyed! I don't know what happened to me at the end though, when I saw a bunch of faces, but the game was a strong experience!

I feel sad for the main NPC and I think that's what you intended! Great job on the game play and the relatable story that I've never considered.

As a developer, I find this so relatable.. I also love the circular motion!