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I really love this game! It is so beautiful - the sprites, the scenes, the scenery. The scenery is so detailed, and the story is really interesting. This game reminds me of the story-based platform games I'd play as a kid, so having that combined with BTS makes this game so much more special for me. I think my favorite part was when Jaghir and Mojo were meeting up with the others, and they started scaring each other lol.

The ending is a bit ambiguous to me. Does Eve going to his room make everyone wake up? Or do they all go back to their rooms and go on with their lives? Also, how did you come up with their names?

Ahh, sorry I have so many questions! You've created such an interesting world in this game, and I just want to know more about it ;-;

i love the demo! this world is so pretty, there's so much detail, and i love the characters. i gotta say, right now my fave is hobi. he's so cute ;-; i can't wait to see the rest of the characters!!

i love this game!! it was funny, cute, and  i couldn't step away from my computer screen for more than like 10 minutes because i wanted to keep reading so badly ;-; i really liked the bits of conversation that were through their group chat! it was an interesting mechanic and also, memes. as a bi asian, although unathletic in every single way possible, i really related to characters and loved them all. i actually still have this game downloaded because i had a feeling that i'd want to play it again lmao. just overall love it, and i'm excited to see what you make in the future :)